Massachusetts Medical Society: MMS Alliance Leadership and Governance Structure

MMS Alliance Leadership and Governance Structure

Strategic Leadership Council, 2018-2019

  • Sandra Delgado, President (elected)
  • Sophia Bogdasarian (elected)
  • Bonnie Dunlap (elected)
  • Julianne Hirsh, Secretary/Treasurer (elected) 
  • Ulku Akyurek, Past State President (appointed)
  • Mary Kay Albert, Past State President (appointed)
  • Gladys Chan, Past State President (appointed)
  • Sandra Celona, Co-chair of Administration (appointed) 
  • Mariette Young, Co-chair of Administration (appointed)
  • Gerrilu Bruun, Chair of Communications (appointed) 
  • Paula Madison, Chair of Membership (appointed)
  • Margaret Igne, District president, Boston/North Shore
  • Elisa Chan, District president, Worcester Central
  • Parliamentarian, Nancy Ghareeb  

MMS Alliance Governance Structure

The Alliance is governed by a Strategic Leadership Council (SLC). Under the SLC's leadership, the Alliance works with the Medical Society to support their outreach activities and further the objectives of both organizations.

Strategic Leadership Council
The SLC is responsible for administering all programs and special events of the Alliance, overseeing and evaluating the activities of the three standing committees (see below) and ensuring that the activities fall within the mission and goals of the organization.

Standing Committees
There are three standing committees of the SLC - the Committees on Administration, Communication and Membership.  The SLC President and President-Elect are ex officio members of all standing committees.
Committee on Administration is responsible for the budget, nominating, bylaws, parliamentary procedure, and the leadership and procedural manual.

  • Committee on Administration is responsible for formulating the budget for approval by the members, preparing a slate of officers, reviewing  and making recommendations for bylaw changes, reviewing the leadership manual and ensuring that the organization ollows policies as set by MMS

Committee on Communications is responsible for the state member publications, press releases, the web site, strengthening District communications, establishing communication protocols, establishing reporting mechanisms for liaisons to MMS committees and districts, tracking a history of the Alliance and generating publicity for Doctor's Day.

The Committee on Membership is responsible for recruitment, retention, marketing, benefits and social events.

The Alliance is comprised of four districts.

  • Barnstable/South Shore District
  • Berkshire/West District
  • Boston/North Shore District
  • Worcester District

District Map

Click on the image to download an enlarged version of the map (.pdf, 1 page)

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