Community Action Grant in Action: Sociedad Latina

In April 2012 Sociedad Latina received a $10,000 grant from the Foundation to support expansion of mental health services provided to Latino youth and families in the community through an enhanced case management program and weekly mental health workshops for families.

Sociedad Latina was able to meet or exceed all anticipate outcomes and these include:

  • 162 high school youth had consistent, one-on-one case management that supported mental health and healthy development
  • 92% of high school youth reported a positive relationship with an adult at Sociedad Latina
  • 357 people, representing 216 different families in our community participated in at least one mental health workshop
  • 87% of participants reported increased knowledge of how to stay mentally healthy
  • 82% of participants reported that Sociedad Latina staff are supportive and responsive to their range of needs
  • Requests for case management support services have increased by 72%
  • Sociedad Latina provided more than 80 hours of mental health workshops at no cost to participants over the course of 40 weeks

“We are honored to have the support of the Massachusetts Medical Society and Alliance Charitable Foundation. There is a silent crisis with regard to mental health in our Latino community and thanks to this grant, we have been able to introduce a culturally proficient, family-centered approach. This program will have a lasting impact on the lives of hundreds of individuals in our community this year

 – Alexandra Oliver-Davila, executive director, Sociedad Latina

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