Massachusetts Medical Society: Task Force on Electronic Health Records Interoperability and Usability

Task Force on Electronic Health Records Interoperability and Usability

This task force will determine whether to encourage federal and state legislators and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services to create regulations, legislation, and significant and compelling incentives and disincentives for all electronic health record (EHR) vendors to rapidly enhance their current EHRs to be able to do the following:  

  1. Enable universal interoperability, standardization, and portability so that comprehensive patient health information can be transferred easily, accurately, and securely from one EHR system to another; for individual patient records and/or reports, for large batches of patient records, or for collections of patient data for research or quality reporting;
  2. Provide each EHR with a user-friendly interface that is modular and configurable;
  3. Design a format that allows easy access to both comprehensive summary of information on one page with efficient access to the details from that page to all related information;
  4. Build comprehensive dictionaries, word completion, and customizable standard text to enable rapid access to specific medical terminology, which will facilitate rapid entry of data;
  5. Provide systems to efficiently manage prevention, quality, and chronic disease management for individual patients and populations of patients using EHRs, including the ability for physicians to run customized reports;
  6. Provide standardized formats and systems to report quality and performance measures efficiently, accurately, securely and electronically for Meaningful Use, PQRS, and other federal and state quality programs;
  7. Adopt standardized formats and provide efficient, accurate, secure export systems to facilitate research from data stored in EHRs;
  8. Provide a low-level interface in each marketed EHR, which is “identifical in look and feel" and standardized across all platforms. This would allow any health care provider, having been trained and practiced with one EHR, to use any EHR in the country to quickly perform basic tasks (e.g., write a note, write an electronic prescription, look up laboratory and imaging results, edit the problem list, and create a discharge summary/visit summary)

Hugh M. Taylor, Essex South, Chair
Katherine J. Atkinson, Hampshire
Henry L. Dorkin, Suffolk
Leonard M. Finn, Charles River
Lloyd D. Fisher, Worcester
Michael Golden, Essex South
Joseph M. Heyman, Essex North
Subramanyan Jayasankar, Suffolk
Judd L. Kline, MD, Middlesex West
Kevin G. Sullivan, Norfolk
Glenn A. Tucker, Norfolk South
Richard S. Weinhaus, Norfolk South

Resident and Fellow:
Member: Nino Mihatov, Suffolk

Medical Student Section: 
Member: Shani Aharon, Worcester

MMS Staff Liaison
Leon Barzin (

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