Massachusetts Medical Society: Mentoring in Medicine: Physician to Physician
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Mentoring in Medicine: Physician to Physician

Mentoring is an invaluable component of physician education. Considered an essential training process, mentoring provides mutual benefits to mentee and mentor by encouraging active learning, personal development, and strong physician-patient relationships.   

Mentors serve as teachers, role models, and importantly, as trusted friends and resources. In contrast to advisors, who may provide scheduling assistance or application advice, mentors actively engage with the mentees, playing a significant role in their development through an interpersonal, formally-established relationship.  

This brief introduction to the power of mentoring highlights the positive impact that mentoring relationships can have on a physician's career and life. In this video, several MMS member physicians describe their mentoring relationships, and the importance of the selfless support and invaluable insight provided by their mentors.


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