Massachusetts Medical Society: MMS responds to Title X regulations

MMS responds to Title X regulations

One of the most sacred aspects of the patient-physician relationship is trust.  Part of that trust is earned when a physician is able to have open, honest and comprehensive conversations with patients about their health care. The revision of Title X regulations issued today creates a fundamental interference that inhibits a physician’s obligation to fully counsel patients.  Any situation in which a physician is prohibited from delivering all critical health-related information to a patient is unfair and dangerous for all involved.  This rule and the pathway it intends to build toward further restricting access to health care services are unconscionable.

In what can only be construed as an attempt to defund Planned Parenthood, the rule has effectively jeopardized access to health care for millions of women, especially those from underserved populations who rely on Title X funding for reproductive and other health care needs.  The Massachusetts Medical Society and its 25,000 member physicians and medical students will not under any circumstance support actions that fly counter to our oath to help our patients.

Dr. Alain A. Chaoui, President, Massachusetts Medical Society

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