Massachusetts Medical Society: Stage 1 Meaningful Use Guidelines: Menu Set

Stage 1 Meaningful Use Guidelines: Menu Set

Eligible professionals must satisfy at least five of the following. One must be from the category "Improve Population and Public Health."

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Improving Quality, Safety, Efficiency, and Reducing Health Disparities

Implement Drug Formulary Checks
Enable a user to electronically check if drugs are in a formulary or preferred drug list.

Lab Results into EHR
Incorporate clinical lab-test results into certified EHR technology as structured data

Patient List
Generate lists of patients by specific conditions to use for quality improvement, reduction of disparities, research or outreach.

Patient Reminders
Send reminders to patients per patient preference for preventive/ follow up care.

Engage Patients and Families in their Health Care

Timely Electronic Access to Health Information
Provide patients with timely electronic access to their health information (including lab results, problem list, medication lists, medication allergies) within four business days of the information being available to the eligible professional.

Patient Specific Education
Use certified EHR technology to identify patient-specific education resources and provide those resources to the patient if appropriate.

Improve Care Coordination

Medication Reconciliation
Enable a user to electronically compare two or more medication lists.

Summary of Care
The Eligible Professional, eligible hospital or Critical Access Hospital who transitions their patient to another setting of care or provider of care or refers their patient to another provider of care should provide summary of care record for each transition of care or referral.

Improve Population and Public Health

Immunization Registries
Capability to submit electronic data to immunization registries or Immunization Information Systems and actual submission in accordance with applicable law and practice.

Syndromic Surveillance
Capability to submit electronic syndromic surveillance data to public health agencies and actual submission in accordance with applicable law and practice

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