Massachusetts Medical Society: The Transition to ICD-10: Keys to Getting Your Practice on the Implementation Highway

The Transition to ICD-10: Keys to Getting Your Practice on the Implementation Highway

Preparing for ICD-10 implementation is extremely important and there are certainly many angles to consider at the physician practice level. 

The following video segments highlight key information and the necessary steps that physician practices can take in order to prepare for the October 2015 implementation of ICD-10. 

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Segment 1: Introduction

This informative segment includes a brief history of ICD-10 and its impact on the healthcare industry.  Learn what ICD-10 is and why we have to implement it. The introduction also covers the costs associated and what the anticipated changes are for physician practices. Length: 22:48.

Segment 2: Documentation

Documentation is one of the most important areas that physicians need to focus on in order to succeed in an ICD-10 world. The bottom line is that physicians must become better documenters regardless of where a physician does business (hospital, private practice, large group, etc).. This segment reviews key documentation considerations physicians need to employ in order to get ready for ICD-10. Length: 14:34.

Segment 3: Organizational Impact

What is the true impact of ICD-10 to the practice of medicine? This vignette covers productivity impact on an organizational level and the tools that can help you to ready your practice for ICD-10. Length: 15:36.

Segment 4: Business Process Impacts

This segment reviews operational and business process impact and will teach you to develop a new way of thinking around ICD-10 as it relates to your business processes. Length: 6:27.

Segment 5: Technology Impacts

This segment reviews some of the technological impacts and how you can best prepare your practice. You will learn how to assess your infrastructure and discuss ICD-10 implementation plans with your vendors and payers. Length: 12:09.

Segment 6: Workforce Impact

Learn about the workforce impacts and how you can prepare your staff.  This may mean major changes as organizations will have to ensure that the workforce fits the needs of the practice in this changing environment. Length: 8:33.

Segment 7: Financial Impact

This segment reviews the financial impact and how to prepare the bottom line.  How can you make sure that you are financially ready for some of the inevitable impacts?  Smart business and financial planning tips are covered in this segment. Length: 11:30.

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