Massachusetts Medical Society: MMS Committee Appointment Process

MMS Committee Appointment Process

In February, the President-elect invites the resident and fellow members to consider joining an MMS committee.  Members indicate which committees interest them on an application and then submit it along with a CV or resume and a statement of interest to the MMS-RFS staff liaison.  Once applications are collated, the staff liaison arranges a meeting for the RFS Chair, Chair-elect and Trustee to discuss candidates and make a list of recommendations which is submitted to the MMS President-elect.

Only one resident or fellow member is appointed to each committee and the MMS House of Delegates approves the committee appointments.  Term length is one-year and starts immediately following the MMS annual meeting.

Interim committee appointments are made when seats are vacated in the middle of the year.  Interim appointment recommendations are usually made by the chair of the section along with input from the staff liaison. 

The Board of Trustees must vote to approve the interim appointments.

Please refer to MMS Committee Listings 2020-21 for committees with a resident/fellow seat.  Please note there are two committees that do not permit a resident/fellow or medical student seat:  Committee on Administration and Management and Judicial.

Reimbursement for Travel to MMS Meetings

At Annual Meeting 1996, the House of Delegates approved Resolution 302, Medical Student and Resident Reimbursement for Travel.  The resolution stated that the Society will provide reimbursement for mileage (currently .51/mile), tolls and parking for medical students and residents/fellows attending MMS committee meetings or governing council meetings.  Residents/fellows should obtain original receipts and submit them in an expense report to the staff liaison.

For residents/fellows serving as the MMS Delegates, there is additional funding for attending MMS Annual and Interim meetings of the House of Delegates.  MMS Delegates should contact the Department of Governance for details.

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