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Leadership Council

The Physician Health Services Leadership Council is a committee of stakeholder organizations that contribute to PHS at a level of $5000 a year or greater.  The Council gathers for educational updates of the services that PHS provides, while creating an opportunity for dialogue and informational exchange on the following matters:

  • The development of education and outreach programs
  • The interface of PHS with significant entities, such as:
  • Risk management programs
  • The Board of Registration in Medicine
  • The Federation of State Physician Health Programs
  • The maintenance of alignment and liaison with educational institutions
  • The identification of new opportunities for PHS involvement, programming and service development, including, but not limited to, physician and medical student health promotion
  • Enhancement of community participation in various physician/student health initiatives
  • Maintenance and development of adequate funding to sustain PHS services and programming and to address the range of health needs of medical students and physicians throughout the life cycle

    Clinical Advisory Committee Mission Statement

    “The primary purpose of the Clinical Advisory Committee is the evaluation and assistance of health care providers impaired or allegedly impaired by reason of alcohol, drugs, physical disability, mental instability, or otherwise. The Clinical Advisory Committee shall provide advice to Physician Health Services (PHS) on matters pertaining to the management of individual cases. The committee shall render assistance on cases selected by the director of PHS based on clinical or administrative necessity. The committee shall meet with the director of PHS to give advice on specific case matters such as diagnosis, evaluation, referral for treatment, and monitoring arrangements for individual physicians who receive PHS services.”

    Clinical Advisory Committee

    Steve Adelman, M.D.
    Omotola O. Akinwunmi T’Sarumi, M.D.
    Mark Albanese, M.D.
    Stanley W. Ashley, M.D.
    Ashley Capdeville, LMHC
    Gary Chinman, M.D.
    Wendy Cohen, M.D.
    Merideth Davis, M.D.
    Wayne Gavryck, M.D.
    Mark Green, M.D.
    Thomas Goldberger, M.D.
    Amy Harrington, M.D.
    Rachel Kantor, Psy.D.
    Kristopher A. Kast, M.D.
    Edward Khantzian, M.D.
    Karsten Kueppenbender, M.D.
    Harvey Kowaloff, M.D.
    Bernard Levy, M.D.
    Bara Litman-Pike, Psy.D.
    Sanchit Maruti, M.D.
    John Matthews, M.D.
    Glenn Pransky, M.D.
    John Renner, M.D.
    Ruthann Rizzi, M.D.
    Kimberly Roberts-Schultheis, M.D.
    William Shea, M.D.
    Mary Anna Sullivan, M.D.
    Asher Tulsky M.D., FACP
    Juliana Szakacs, M.D.
    Roger Weiss, M.D.

    Medical Student Advisory Committee

    The Physician Health Services, Inc. (PHS) Medical Student Advisory Committee’s purpose shall be to provide a forum for the exchange of information among medical schools on issues of student health, wellness and professionalism in order to develop effective strategies to educate and assist medical students who have or who are at risk of having problems with substance use, behavioral health, mental or physical illness.  

    David Abramson, M.D.
    Counseling and Mental Health
    Harvard University Health Services

    Steve Adelman, M.D.
    Medical Director
    Physician Health Services, Inc.

    Ashley Capdeville, LMHC 
    Monitoring Associate
    Physician Health Services, Inc.   

    Sonia Chimienti, M.D.
    Associate Dean for Student Affairs
    University of Massachusetts Medical School

    Wendy Cohen, M.D.
    Physician Evaluation Director
    Physician Health Services, Inc.

    Paige K. Curran, MA
    Assistant Dean for Student Affairs & Director of Office of Academic Enhancement
    Boston University School of Medicine

    Sharon Snaggs Gendron
    Student Wellness Advisor
    Tufts University School of Medicine

    Debra Grossbaum, Esq.
    General Counsel 
    Physician Health Services, Inc.

    Angela H. Jackson, M.D.
    Associate Dean of Students
    Boston University School of Medicine

    Rachel Kantor, PsyD
    Monitoring Associate 
    Physician Health Services, Inc.

    Amy Kuhlik, M.D.
    Dean for Student Affairs
    Tufts University School of Medicine

    Barbara Lewis, M.D.
    Chief of Counseling and Mental Health Services
    Harvard University 

    Bara Litman-Pike, PsyD
    Executive Director
    Physician Health Services, Inc.

    Peter J. Massicott, M.D.
    Director, Medical Area Health Service
    Harvard University Health Services

    Mark Miceli, EdD, LCSW
    Assistant Vice Provost of Student Life & Director of Student Affairs 
    University of Massachusetts Medical School

    Regina Mitchell, M.D.
    Director of the Office of Advising Resources
    PME-Student Affairs, Harvard Medical School

    Ruthann Rizzi, M.D.
    Director, Student Counseling Service
    University of Massachusetts Medical School

    Fidencio Saldaña, M.D.
    Dean for Students
    Harvard Medical School

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    PHS is actively recruiting for a Medical Director. This is a unique opportunity to be an important part of a mission driven non-profit organization that supports the health, well-being, and effectiveness of physicians and medical students in MA. PHS is currently accepting applications, through the job posting here: MMS website. Please review the job description and apply. You may also contact a member of the search committee: Mary Anna Sullivan, MD, Chair, PHS Board of Directors; Glenn Pransky, MD, Director, PHS Board of Directors; Booker Bush, MD, Director, PHS Board of Directors; Dustin Patil, MD, Director, PHS Board of Directors; Bara Litman-Pike, PsyD, Executive Director PHS.

    PHS is looking for great candidates to apply to this important position. We welcome your interest. The job is posted on this link on the MMS website.**


    PHS is sad to announce that Dr. Steven Adelman has decided to step down from his current position as Medical Director of Physician Health Services, Inc at the end of February 2021. During his eight (8) years of service his efforts have touched the lives and helped the careers of more than one thousand distressed physicians and medical students. He has brought a commitment and passion to the pursuit of PHS’s mission, while expanding the breadth, depth and quality of its services. His success is our success.

    Dr. Adelman is planning to pursue other professional interests and opportunities. As PHS begins its search for a new Medical Director, Dr. Adelman will be an important part of our search team, and he will work closely with PHS’s Executive Director, Dr. Bara Litman-Pike.

    PHS is very grateful for Dr. Adelman’s leadership and service. His work and that of his staff has been a source of pride to all of us at PHS and MMS. The medical profession and its patients are the ultimate beneficiaries of his tireless efforts.

    PHS is looking for great candidates to apply to this important position. We welcome your interest. The job is posted on this link on the MMS website.

    The 23rd PHS Annual Dinner Gathering, originally scheduled for May 6, 2020, will be postponed and rescheduled for a later date in 2020 due to the current COVID-19 healthcare crisis. PHS looks forward to seeing everyone and will send an announcement once a new date has been determined. Please contact 781-434-7404 if you have questions. Thank you for all you do.

    As you may know, the Board of Registration in Medicine has enacted new regulations for Massachusetts licensed physicians.  Please be assured that PHS continues to provide confidential consultation and assistance, without change, to MA physicians, medical students, and medical leaders. Please feel free to call PHS (781-434-7404) with any questions. 

    - August 14, 2019

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    Michael Palmer, MD

    The Michael Palmer, MD Medical Student Health Lecture Series

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