MMS and Alliance Charitable Foundation: 2018 - 2019 Contributors

MMS & Alliance Charitable Foundation

We are your Foundation.

Sincere gratitude is extended to our donors for supporting the Foundation’s education and philanthropic work.

Many thanks to our donors:

Visionary ($10,000 or more)
Massachusetts Medical Society
Physicians Insurance Agency of Massachusetts

Humanitarian ($5,000 to $9,999)
Norfolk South District Medical Society
Suffolk District Medical Society

Benefactor ($2,500 to $4,999)
Alain & Nahed Chaoui

Leader ($1,000 to $2,499)
Berkshire District Medical Society
Dr. Maryanne & Mr. Keith Bombaugh
James B. Broadhurst, MD
Charles River District Medical Society 
Dr & Mrs. John M. Crowe
Jack & Sheila Evjy
Jacob S. Kriteman, MD
Mark & Louise Novitch
Hugh M. Taylor, MD & Elizabeth Bernick, DMD
Trust in Kids Fund of Greater Worcester Community Foundation – recommended by N. Lynn Eckhert, MD & Louis E. Fazen III, MD
Jon M. Valigorsky, MD
Dr. & Mrs. Francis X. Van Houten
Anil M. Vyas, MD

Patron ($500 to $999)
Hubert "Hu" Caplan, MD
Dr. & Mrs. Corey E. Collins
Ronald & Bonnie Dunlap
Deborah K. Ekstrom, MD - Salisbury Plastic Surgery
Ann & Jim Gessner
Dr. & Mrs. George E. Ghareeb
Hampshire District Medical Society
Joseph M. Heyman, MD
Catherine C. Lastavica, MD
Middlesex Central District Medical Society
Middlesex North District Medical Society
Gregory K. Papazian, MD
Kenath Shamir, MD
Sarah Taylor, MD & Jeremy Ahouse, PhD
Dr. Michael & Mrs. Kathleen Thompson
Worcester North District Medical Society
Hong Yu, MD

Friend (up to $499)
Janet & Arzroon Abrahamian
Ann E. Aghababian
Charles T. Alagero
Carole Allen, MD, MBA
Raghavan Amarasingham
Michael S. Annunziata, MD
William L. Babaian, MD
David S. Babin, MD
Richard M. Basile, MD
Dr. & Mrs. George E. Battit
Karl T. Benedict, Jr., MD
Linda A. Bishop, MD
John & Sophia Bogdasarian
Audrey & Freeman Botnick
Kim Bowman, MD
Gerrilu & Svend Bruun
William J. Burtis, MD
Dr. & Mrs. Frank S. Carbone
Sandra & F. Joseph Celona
Dr. Wei & Gladys Chan
Gary R. Cohen, MD
Dr. & Mrs. William R Cohen
Peter H. Contompasis, MD
Sandra & Jose Delgado
Alfred DeMaria Jr., MD
Dennis M. Dimitri, MD
David C. Dodson, MD
Andrew Dorr
Mark Drapkin, MD
John Dundas, MD
Richard I. Einhorn, MD
Elizabeth A. Eldredge, MD
Pat Falcao, MD & Jim Blumenfeld
James Feldman, MD
Joseph Ferrone, MD
Thaddeus Figlock, MD
Marcia Franklin, MD
Ralph J. Froio, MD
Drs. Christopher & Marguerite Garofalo
Dr. & Mrs. Thomas Geagan
David T. Golden, MD
Dennis S. Gordan, MD
David F. Gouveia, MD
Rebecca A. Griffith, MD
Rachel Haft, MD & Jeffrey Brown, MD
Stephen V. Hall, MD
Gerald S. Harris, MD
Dr. & Mrs. Bernhard Heersink
Patricia A. Herrin
Jean & Keith Hilliker
Frederick Hobin, MD
Edward & Pamela Hoffer
Klaus D. Hoffmann, MD
G. David K. Hopper, MD
Francis D. Horrigan, MD
Madeline Iacobucci
S. Jay Jayasankar, MD
Douglas Johnson, MD
Lawrence Johnson, MD
Lynda G. Kabbash, MD
Drs. Nancy & Joseph Kahn
Harriet & Warren Kantrowitz
Bruce Karlin, MD
Stephen S. Kasparian, MD
David Kattan, MD
Jim & Vanessa Kenealy
Alan T. Kent, MD
Drs. Ann Errichetti & Mark A. Keroack
Edward J. Khantzian, MD
Kathleen Koehler, MD
Sue & Ken Kronlund
Thomas A. Lamattina, MD
Peter J. Leahy, MD
Roger Letourneau, MD
Brian A. Lisse, MD
Dave Edmond Lounsbury, MD
Dr. & Mrs. Francis P. MacMillan Jr.
Paula & Mark Madison
Gordan Manning & Karen Rothman
Navneet Marwaha
Sheila & Dan Massarelli
Massachusetts Medical Society Alliance
Joseph McCabe, MD
Lauren McCann, MD
Metro West Medical Center Medical Staff  
Lyle J. Micheli, MD
Middlesex West District Medical Society
Dr. Petter J. Miotto & Dr. Mary Elizabeth Miotto
Peter H. Moyer, MD
Nicole R. Mushero, MD
Laura R. Need, MD
Ronald Newman
Laura & Michael Newstein
Dr. Sahdev & Carolyn Passey
Neena Patwardhan
Kenneth Peelle, MD
Katherine L. Phaneuf, MD
Ronald Pies, MD
Anthony A. Pikus, MD
Judith Pinsker, MD & Benjamin Smith, MD
David B. Pomfret, MD
Zenie & Joel Popkin
Peter E. Pochi, MD
Corinne L. Prunier
CJ & Cathy Rao
John A. Renner Jr., MD
Kristen M. Robson, MD
Thomas Rosenfeld, MD
George Rosenthal, MD
Patralekha & Dr. Abhijit Roychowdhury
Eric J. Ruby, MD
Ed Ryter, MD
Barbara & Arthur Safran
Luis T. Sanchez, MD
Sushama A. Scalera, MD
Theresa E. Sciarappa
Mark & Jane Sherman
Hudie B. Siegel, MD
Stephen & Luzbella Southard
Brett S. Stecker, DO
John J. Sullivan, MD
William J. Swiggard, MD, PhD
Jennifer Thulin, MD
Francine & Dr. Rohit Vakil
Kathleen Van Demark
Asha & Peter Wallace
Arthur Waltman, MD
Joan Warrenski, MD
Alan & Carol Wartenberg
Susan H. Webb
Paul Winig, MD
Mariette Aubuchon Young
M. Donna Younger, MD
Dr. Tomislav & Paula Zargaj
Donna & Geoffrey Zucker

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Our Donors

We would like to acknowledge all of those who have donated generously to the Foundation during the past year. Thank you!

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2017-2018 Grants

The Foundation awarded $265,000 to 20 organizations committed to providing: quality health care services for the un/underinsured; behavioral health services when not available; improved access to health care through overcoming barriers to health care delivery; health promotion through proactive prevention, education, and outreach; programs aimed at addressing the social determinants of health.

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Generous contributions from members and friends of the Foundation are vital to sustaining our programs.

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