Meeting Materials

Delegates' Handbook

All resolutions and reports for the upcoming meeting, plus any other business before the House, are published in the Delegates’ Handbook.

The Delegates’ Handbook will be available electronically (only) in PDF format on Monday, October 30.

  • Speakers’ Letter and Informational Materials
  • Reference Committee A
  • Reference Committee B
  • Reference Committee C
  • Fiscal Note Components
  • Complete Delegates’ Handbook
  • Informational Reports ("Consent Calendar") (Informational Reports are not Included in the Complete Delegates’ Handbook)
    • Directives for Implementation
    • Committee Reports on Activities and Initiatives
  • Late-Filed Resolution

Meeting Handouts

  • Opening Session HOD Handouts
  • Second Session HOD handouts are available in two PDF options:
    1. Second Session HOD Handouts (DOES NOT include Reference Committee Reports in PDF)
    2. Second Session HOD Handouts (INCLUDES Reference Committee Reports in PDF)

Please note: Report presentation order for Second Session is A, C, B.

Final House Votes

  • Final House Votes - Reference Committee A   
  • Final House Votes - Reference Committee B 
  • Final House Votes - Reference Committee C 
  • A, B, C House Votes Combined 

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