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MMS has compiled a collection of FREE resources to help physicians navigate the COVID-19 vaccine.

MMS Member Making a Difference: Dr. Andrew Jorgensen

Learn from Dr. Andrew Jorgensen about the varied health needs of the Outer Cape during COVID-19, from a sparse winter population to the explosion of summer visitors.

MMS Antiracism Action Plan

The MMS is committed to working to address systemic racism and inequities within the organization and the larger medical community. Learn more.

CME frequently asked questions

MMS has created a page addressing over 20 of the most common questions about earning CME credit.

Recent News

MMS Making Headlines


WCVB: Walmart offers walk-up COVID-19 vaccines at 48 pharmacies in Massachusetts

May 4, 2021 – "Doctors know their patients," MMS President Dr. David Rosman said. "We know why different people are unable to get those vaccines and we're a trusted voice, probably the most trusted voice, when it comes to the health of our patients." Massachusetts is ramping down its mass vaccination sites as rollout enters new phase

May 3, 2021 – MMS President Dr. David Rosman said in a statement that distribution of doses to primary care providers will "allow for urgent and personalized outreach," particularly to vulnerable patients who "still face grave danger if they contract the virus."


CBS Boston: State to start shutting down some mass vaccination sites

May 3, 2021 – "If (someone's) doctor turns to them and says, I got the shot, my family got the shot, my children got the shot, we think you should, and we know that it's safe... we think that will really help to get us to herd immunity," MMS President Dr. David Rosman said.

Boston Globe

Boston Globe: After all those eager for vaccination get their shots, how to reach the rest? Primary care doctors say they’re the answer

April 29, 2021 – "(Vaccinating) the first 40 to 60 percent, despite the hard work it took, was really the easy part," MMS President Dr. David Rosman said. "We’re at a really good time to make the shift to a more personalized approach."

NBC Boston

NBC Boston: What experts say about teens unsure about whether to get vaccinated

April 29, 2021 – "We need to get through this hesitancy to get to equity," MMS President Dr. David Rosman said. "And we need to do a better job of explaining why it (getting vaccinated) so important."

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