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Grassroots Action Center

Grassroots Action Center

Left-to-right: MMS Executive Vice President Lois Cornell, President-Elect Dr. Hugh Taylor, President Dr. Barbara Spivak, and Vice President Dr. Olivia Liao at the Medical Society’s legislative briefing at the State House in September 2023

As a physician on the front lines of health care delivery, elected officials and policymakers need to hear your voice to develop informed policy, legislation, and regulations. There can be a disconnect between the aims of lawmakers and the practical impact of those policies – your voice can play a critical role bridging that gap to ensure that policy makers understand the real-world impact of proposed rules and laws on your patients and the practice of medicine.

You don't need to be a political expert to make an impact, the MMS provides resources, training, and guidance to help you become a powerful voice in health policy. We also make it easy for you to engage with your legislators by participating in our grassroots advocacy campaigns with just a few clicks! Become a physician advocate: use the resources below to learn how to be an effective champion and take action on the issues that matter to you!

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Click the campaigns below to learn more and advocate to your representatives on key issues impacting patients and the practice of medicine.


Help support digital equity and payment parity to ensure the sustainability of telehealth.

Prior Authorization

Reduce administrative burden and improve patient access to care with PA reform.

Overdose Prevention Centers

Massachusetts can save lives by authorizing overdose prevention centers, a proven harm reduction tool.

Medicare Payment Cuts

We need short- and long-term payment reform to support and sustain physicians and patients within the Medicare program.

Tailor your physician advocate profile with the issues you care about and be alerted to opportunities to participate and advocate on these issues where your expertise can make a difference!


Meeting with your Legislator

Meeting with your legislator is the most effective advocacy technique. Use this resource to learn how you have successful meetings and develop relationships with your representatives.

Testifying at Legislative Hearings

Testifying at public hearings is an important tool to advance advocacy efforts. Learn tips on testifying at legislative hearings and more.

Become a Social Media Advocate

Social media can be a powerful advocacy tool. Help amplify the Medical Society’s advocacy-related social media!

State Government 101

Understanding the process makes you a more effective advocate. Learn more about our state government structures and processes with this resource.

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