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Working Here

  • The Massachusetts Medical Society was established as a professional association of physicians in 1781, acquiring the New England Journal of Medicine in 1921. As the oldest continuously operating medical society in the United States, the MMS has a legacy of improving the legislative and clinical environments for practicing medicine while setting peak professional standards. As a not-for-profit organization, it continues to act as a guiding influence today through its advocacy on behalf of physicians and patients, member services, publications, continuing education programs, communications, and practice resources.

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  • Advancing Medical Knowledge

    NEJM Group brings together the people and products that have made the New England Journal of Medicine, NEJM Journal Watch, and NEJM Knowledge+ leaders in providing the medical knowledge health care professionals need to give their patients the best care. The goal of NEJM Group is to meet the rapidly growing demand for essential medical information and to disseminate that content in new ways to a broader global health care community than ever before.

  • The New England Journal of Medicine

    The New England Journal of Medicine is the world’s leading medical journal and the most sought-after resource for medical knowledge and clinical best practices. 

    NEJM Journal Watch

    NEJM Journal Watch is the leading source of clinically relevant summaries and perspectives on the most important medical research, spanning many specialties and topic areas.

    NEJM Knowledge+

    NEJM Knowledge+ combines gold standard content in the most efficient, engaging, and effective way to help clinicians learn, improve the quality of their practice, and prepare for board exams.

    Advocacy, Education, and Support  

    The MMS is focused on providing patient and physician advocacy at the state and national levels, advancing a tradition of excellence in medical publishing, and delivering a wide variety of continuing education formats, all geared toward the specific needs of physicians, residents, and medical students. Member Programs and Services (MPS) provides invaluable tools to help physicians and medical students thrive and succeed, including the following:

    Continuing Education and Certification  

    Meeting the lifelong learning needs of physicians in practice, our Continuing Education and Certification department provides MMS members and their clinical teams with multi-format educational opportunities for professional development, with a focus on health care quality and patient safety. 

    Physician Practice Resource Center (PPRC)

    The PPRC provides physicians with the information, support, and resources necessary to maintain a thriving medical practice. Our consultants respond to questions on a wide variety of topics from physicians, practice managers, and medical office staff.

    Public Health, Membership, and Advocacy

    The MMS departments of Public Health and Education, Membership Services, and Government Relations support our core mission to serve physicians and patients through outreach and awareness campaigns designed to positively impact the health of the public, strategies to build physician membership and promote participation in MMS activities, and advocacy for state and federal legislation and regulations that benefit both physicians and patients.

    Research, Studies, and Publication 

    The MMS frequently sponsors research on emerging health policy issues affecting the well-being of physicians and patients. We also produce a wide variety of print and digital media publications.

  • Discover your opportunity to impact health care today.

    Equal Opportunity Employer

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