Massachusetts Medical Society: Why Work for the Massachusetts Medical Society?

Why Work for the Massachusetts Medical Society?

When you talk to our employees, they are very clear about the reasons they enjoy working for the Society. Those reasons include:

  • The ability to make a difference every day
  • An excellent benefits package
  • The policies and practices through which the Society demonstrates support for our employees
  • The quality and dedication of their co-workers
  • The prestige of The New England Journal of Medicine

Here's what some of our employees in various departments have to say about our work environment:

"I feel great satisfaction working for a non-profit that disseminates important medical information to the world. But it's really the people who make the difference. My co-workers are dedicated, committed to excellence, and maintain a sense of humor. I laugh often."
-Graphic Arts

"I like the corporate culture management engenders. It's professional, fun, relaxed, and respectful."
-Manuscript Editing

"The company is always trying to make improvements and, at the same time, give employees the motivation and encouragement to achieve their goals. MMS employees are caring, supportive and respectful. They take pride in what they do because they know they can make a difference."
-Advertising Sales

"Some of the smartest people in the world are using technology to advance the practice of medicine. Working here, we are helping doctors make a real difference in the lives of patients."
-Business Information Technology Support

"My experience here at the MMS has been so rewarding. We're able to work with our physician members, our outstanding staff, and our local communities on a variety of health care initiatives. We help people every day!"
- Regional Offices

"Critical markers for a good workplace: quality people, an important cause, respect for the individual, and knowing that what you do --alone and together -- helps to make a difference. They're all here."

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Employee Benefits

Employee Benefits

We offer our employees competitive salaries and an exceptional and diverse array of flexible benefits including an onsite fitness center and a back-up child care center.

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