Massachusetts Medical Society: Membership in the MMS

Membership in the MMS

The Massachusetts Medical Society is an organization of 25,000 dedicated physicians, residents, and medical students committed to advocating for the best interest of the doctors and patients  while offering cutting-edge educational opportunities and resources to optimize practice management operation. 

The MMS also publishes the New England Journal of Medicine, the gold–standard in breakthrough medical discoveries and clinical best practices.

Key Benefits

Key Benefits Chart

+ Support Advocacy and Public Health….. Priceless

Introductory Pricing for First-Time Members

New MMS members can receive significant savings with our introductory rate for state and district dues.

Join Together. Save Together.

Significant savings of up to 30% can be applied to your state membership when you join as a group.  This is a great way to build community with your colleagues.

Membership in the MMS is open to physicians who hold a Doctor of Medicine or Doctor of Osteopathy, who have a residence or professional activity in Massachusetts, or who are medical students in Massachusetts.

Out of state membership is available to former members who no longer live or practice in Massachusetts but wish to retain their membership in the MMS. Associate, affiliate, senior and military membership classifications are also available.

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Testimonial from our President:

Alain A. Chaoui, MD“The Massachusetts Medical Society is an organization I discovered more than 20 years ago when I completed my residency and moved to Massachusetts in 1995.  It has become an organization that has made a profound impact on my career and practice.   I found mentors, colleagues, and staff who are passionate and dedicated to improving patient care and providing quality health care in Massachusetts and nationally.  This is a truly unique organization that encourages collegiality, promotes discussion, and advocates for change on critical issues necessary to move medicine forward.”  (Click Here to watch video of full interview

- Alain A. Chaoui, MD, FAAFP, president, Massachusetts Medical Society

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MMS Members receive great benefits such as:

  • Access to the New England
    Journal of Medicine
  • A strong voice to advocate 
    medical issues
  • Conferences and Events 
     on important topics
  • And much more...

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MMS Headquarters:
860 Winter Street, Waltham, MA, 02451

Conference Center 

Located in the technology corridor surrounding Boston, Massachusetts, the Conference Center at Waltham Woods is a full-service meeting venue with 17,000 square feet of dedicated meeting rooms combined with wonderful food, superior in-room technology, and unsurpassed service.

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MMS Awards Program

The Society is proud to sponsor a number of prestigious awards to highlight and recognize outstanding contributions to the health and well-being of patients in the Commonwealth, throughout the country, and around the world.

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