Massachusetts Medical Society: Physician Education and Clinical Skills Assessment Programs

Physician Education and Clinical Skills Assessment Programs

The Massachusetts Medical Society has formed partnerships with two physician education and assessment programs that focus on maintaining and improving clinical competency. 

The two programs, LifeGuard, based in Harrisburg, Penn., and the Center for Personalized Education for Physicians, based in Denver, Colo., were reviewed by the Society’s Committee on Quality of Medical Practice before being adopted by the Society.

The collaborations result from an MMS policy adopted in 2014 by the House of Delegates to ensure that programs are available for Massachusetts physicians who need to update or document their skill levels, who have taken extended time off from clinical practice, or who want to learn new skills. 

LifeguardLifeguard is a nationally recognized skills assessment program originated and supported by the Pennsylvania Medical Society. It works with MMS to offer individualized competency assessments to physicians in Massachusetts, with each program customized for the individual needs and practices of each physician. Read more about the MMS/Lifeguard program here.


MMS and CPEP Working Together: MMS and CPEP, The Center for Personalized Education for Physicians, have signed an agreement that expands educational opportunities for MMS members. CPEP, with 25 years of nationally recognized expertise in physician assessment and education, works with MMS to provide expanded access to its Reentry to Clinical Practice, clinical competence assessments, and education plans as well as seminars that focus on specific areas of practice improvement such as inter-professional communication and prescribing controlled drugs. Read more about benefits to Society members here.

Both Lifeguard and CPEP serve physicians nationwide. Services from these organizations are available to MMS members at a discounted rate.

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