Massachusetts Medical Society: MMS Mission and Strategic Priorities

MMS Mission and Strategic Priorities

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Our Mission

The Massachusetts Medical Society was established as a professional association of physicians by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts in an Act of Incorporation, Chapter 15 of the Acts of 1781. Section 2 of that Act states:

"The purposes of the Massachusetts Medical Society shall be to do all things as may be necessary and appropriate to advance medical knowledge, to develop and maintain the highest professional and ethical standards of medical practice and health care, and to promote medical institutions formed on liberal principles for the health, benefit and welfare of the citizens of the Commonwealth."

Our Vision and Strategic Direction

"The Massachusetts Medical Society will continue to be a proactive organization. We will advocate for the shared interests of patients and our profession. We seek to unite all physicians and serve the common interests of the profession. Our goals are to enhance and protect the physician-patient relationship and to preserve the physician's ability to make clinical decisions for the benefit of patients. The Society will continue to encourage the development of standards for high quality care. We will continue to promote our code of ethics to physicians, patients, and the public. We will work collaboratively within the profession and with the public. The Society will address the professional needs of physicians and take a leadership role in the development of health care policy. We will promote medical education, training, research, and the continuing education of physicians. We will communicate clearly and effectively with our members and the public to build awareness of and support for our goals."

MMS House of Delegates, November 8, 1996

Strategic Priorities 2018-2019

The Society’s strategic priorities for Fiscal Year 2018–2019 include a focus on physician and patient advocacy, membership value and engagement, and professional knowledge and satisfaction. In order to advance the Society’s mission and serve the needs of the physician community and their patients, the goals of our one-year strategic plan are the following: 

  • Physician and Patient Advocacy: As a trusted and respected leadership voice in health care, ensure that the perspectives of physicians and patients are represented at the state and national level on the most important issues impacting physicians, the health care environment, and patient care and outcomes.
  • Membership Value and Engagement: Ensure that the Society is positioned to meet the changing needs of physicians across all demographic segments and practice settings. Align member benefits, services, and communication channels with the needs of the physicians we serve, creating a clear membership value proposition. Ensure that the Society’s governance structure maximizes membership growth, diversity, and engagement and expands access to leadership opportunities. Ensure that communication engages physicians and promotes the Society’s efforts and achievements.
  • Professional Knowledge and Satisfaction: Advance medical knowledge to develop and maintain the highest standards of medical practice and health care. Support members in developing the skills and knowledge they need to further learning, transform the practice of health care, and achieve lifelong professional growth. Build and promote a sense of community, professional satisfaction, and meaning in practice through support, networking, mentoring, education, and physician wellness programs. Support physicians in building strong patient-physician relationships.

Strategic Priorities for 2017-2020

The Society’s strategic priorities for Fiscal Years 2017–2020 are rooted in the longer-term objective of quality improvement and the effective control of health care costs, with a focus on sustainable health care delivery, practice viability, and preservation of professionalism. In order to advance the mission of the Society and prepare for the future needs of the physician community and their patients, the following are the Society’s three-year strategic priorities:

  • Sustainable Health Care Delivery: Play a leadership role in developing a sustainable model of health care delivery by promoting the integration of public health, behavioral health, and the social determinants of health across physician practices. Involve physicians and patients in end-of-life and aging patient care issues. Develop resources and tools on marijuana and opioid use, misuse, dependence, and abuse. Promote physician-led teams in support of improved patient care and outcomes.
  • Practice Viability: Advocate for practice viability and ensuring physician professionalism, including the fair practice of clinical and economic integration, appropriately funded mandates, professional liability reform, a sustainable physician workforce, and an optimal practice environment.
  • Preservation of Professionalism: Advocate for health care environments that foster a culture of professionalism to ensure patient-centered, physician-led care. Promote a sense of community, professional satisfaction, and meaning through physician wellness, education, training, support, mentoring, and networking opportunities. (HP)
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