Massachusetts Medical Society: MMS Principles for Universal Insurance Coverage

MMS Principles for Universal Insurance Coverage

The Massachusetts Medical Society supports the achievement of universal insurance coverage, and adopt the five principles from the Institute of Medicine's report Insuring America's Health: Principles and Recommendations:

a)       Health care coverage should be universal.
b)       Health care coverage should be continuous.
c)       Health care coverage should be affordable to individuals and families.
d)       The health insurance strategy should be affordable and sustainable for society.
e)       Health insurance should enhance health and well-being by promoting access to high-quality care that is effective, efficient, safe, timely, patient-centered, and equitable.

The MMS will continue to investigate options that work toward the goal of achieving universal insurance coverage, that may include:

a)       A non-disruptive and evolutionary approach to improving our current health care system, that is politically and economically viable and sustainable, and that includes quality and public health components.
b)       The development of health care coverage products that are sufficiently comprehensive to provide meaningful health care, and that are affordable and can be obtained through appropriate purchasing pools for individuals or smaller employers.
c)       A bi-modal approach of expanding public and private payer responsibilities; patients should have a choice between private and public financing.
d)       Efforts to enhance current enrollment of Medicaid-eligible individuals and families, including appropriate opportunities through public and private entities.
e)       Both individual and employer mandates, provided that affordable private health insurance and/or appropriate subsidies are made available.
f)         Collaboration across all health care segments, including employers, health plans, health care organizations, legislators, and the administration for the State. 

Adopted by the MMS House of Delegates
May 13, 2005



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