Massachusetts Medical Society: Testimony in Support of Act Relative to Requiring Trauma Kits in Public Buildings

Testimony in Support of Act Relative to Requiring Trauma Kits in Public Buildings

The Massachusetts Medical Society (MMS) wishes to be recorded in support H.1870 and S.1337

The MMS is a professional association of over 25,000 physicians, residents, and medical students across all clinical disciplines, organizations, and practice settings. MMS is committed to working in support of public health and emergency preparedness. As a part of MMS’ commitment to reduce or eliminate preventable death from bleeding, MMS provided instruction for physicians and other health professionals in bleeding control, wound packing, and tourniquet application to increase the number of individuals trained in bleeding control in the Commonwealth. MMS has also offered bleeding control training to its employees and is updating its first aid kits to include tourniquet devices.

The Medical Society supports the availability of accessible trauma kits or severe bleeding kits that include tourniquets in schools, colleges, and other areas experiencing sustained or periodic high-concentrated populations. H.1870.S.1337 will improve access to trauma kits by requiring they be available in these types of public buildings along with a designated staff member who is trained in bleeding control. Massive bleeding from any cause, including an active shooter, explosive event, or an accident can result in death. After a traumatic accident or injury, it can take as little as five minutes for someone to bleed to death. No matter how quickly professional emergency medical technicians arrive, bystanders will be the first responders on the scene. As such, public access to trauma kits are increasingly important and are a necessary component of any comprehensive emergency preparedness plan.

By increasing access to trauma kits and having a designee trained in bleeding control, we can encourage and empower bystanders to manage bleeding in an emergency situation until help from first responders arrives, thus saving lives. The Medical Society takes no position on the specific funding source designated in the proposed legislation, as funding sources for trauma kits and training are outside the scope of the Medical Society’s policy support access to trauma kits.

For these reasons, the Massachusetts Medical Society supports H.1870 and S.1337 and respectfully supports a favorable report by the committee.

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