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Pain Management/Prescribing Opioids

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The Massachusetts Medical Society has long been a leader in providing continuing medical education about critical public health issues, including pain management.

In an effort to remove as many barriers as possible to prescriber education, MMS online CME/CPD activities on pain management and opioid prescribing are available to all prescribers — for free — until further notice. This includes not only our current suite of courses, but those due to be released in upcoming months.

We hope that you will incorporate risk management strategies into your practice to help reduce the number of opioids prescribed in the Commonwealth, and related opioid abuse, addiction and deaths.

      Course Category Index

      Pain Management

      End-of-Life Care

      Medical Marijuana

      Comprehensive Cannabis Curriculum (16 Modules) NEW
      26 CME Credits | RM | Text

      Medical Marijuana (4 Modules)2.25 CME Credit | RM | Video

      Risk Management CME

      Legal Advisor: Terminating the Doctor-Patient Relationship1.00 CME Credit | RM | Text

      Avoiding Medical Mistakes and Errors 1.00 CME Credit | RM | Text

      Legal Advisor: Dealing with Difficult Patients NEW 1.00 CME Credit | RM | Text

      Legal Advisor: Treating Patients with Mental Illness NEW 1.00 CME Credit | RM | Text

      Teleheath: A Primer NEW
      1.50 CME Credits | RM | Text & Video

      Legal Advisor: Ethical Boundary Violations and How to Avoid Them NEW 1.00 CME Credit | RM | Text

      Legal Advisor: Legal Obligations in Treating Patients with Disabilities NEW 1.00 CME Credit | RM | Text

      Legal Advisor: Understanding Disclosure, Apology and Offer NEW 1.00 CME Credit | RM | Text

      Legal Advisor: Treating Patients with Limited English Proficiency NEW

      1.00 CME Credit | RM | Text

      Cause of Death Training for Medical Certifiers
      1.00 CME Credit | RM | Slides

      Electronic Health Records (3 Modules)
      2.00 CME Credits | RM | Text & Slides 

      End-of-Life Care Series (3 Modules)
      3.00 CME Credits | RM | Text & Graphics 

      Legal Advisor: Active Listening
      1.00 CME Credit | RM | Text

      Legal Advisor: Advance Directives
      1.00 CME Credit | RM | Text

      Legal Advisor: Identifying Drug Dependence
      1.00 CME Credit | RM | Text 

      Legal Advisor: Legal Duties When a Patient Raises Suicide
      1.00 CME Credit | RM | Text 

      Legal Advisor: Terminating the Physician-Patient Relationship
      1.00 CME Credit | RM | Text

      Physician Employment Options in Healthcare Environment
      1.00 CME Credit | RM | Video 

      Principles of Palliative Care & Persistent Pain Management (5 Modules)
      5.00 CME Credits | RM | Video 

      The Changing Nature of Informed Consent
      1.00 CME Credits | RM | Text 


      Clinical Medicine

      Alosa Health Topics in Clinical Medicine


      End-of-Life Care and Non-Disclosure: Case Study

      1.00 CME Credit | RM | Text

      End of Life Series (3 Modules)

      1.00 CME Credits | RM | Text

      Electronic Health Records

      Patient Safety and Quality Improvement

      Medical Mistakes: Learn To Steer Clear of Common Ones1.00 CME Credit | RM | Text

      Practice Management

      Public Health

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