Community Action Grant in Action: Mainspring Clinic Project

MainspringIn April 2011 Father Bill’s & Mainspring received a $15,000 grant from the Foundation for the MainSpring Clinic Project in Brockton. 

In FY 2011 the MainSpring House emergency shelter served a diverse client base of 921 guests (689 men and 232 women), averaging 100 guests nightly.  While the number of patients per week fluctuated, records show approximately 55 patients per month at the clinic. 

Many of the MainSpring House guests had been homeless long term, or were service resistant. Many came in to the shelter only when the weather was very bad and having medical staff on site for these guests was critical. Several were treated for frostbite and without an onsite clinic they could have lost their limbs, because they would not go to the hospital to have their symptoms evaluated. 

This grant helped to ensure that the MainSpring House Clinic could continue to provide critical health services to the growing number of individuals who are experiencing homelessness.

“We are very grateful to the Foundation for recognizing that access to health care is paramount to our most vulnerable of neighbors. The health care clinic at our Mainspring House emergency shelter in Brockton plays a significant role in the lives of our guests while reducing the number of costly emergency room visits for basic health care needs.”

– John Yazwinski, President and CEO, Father Bill’s and MainSpring

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