MMS and Alliance Charitable Foundation 2008-2009 Grants

Community Action & Care for the Medically Underinsured

  • Ecu-Health Care, Inc. - $15,000
    To support health insurance outreach, enrollment, and access to care services for residents of North Berkshire County.
  • Father Bills and MainSpring - $10,000
    To extend the hours of operation at MainSpring clinic to provide routine medical care to homeless men and women in Brockton.
  • Friends of Boston's Homeless - $20,000
    To support daytime services targeting chronic, long-term homeless individuals in Boston at the Woods Mullen Shelter.
  • Health Awareness Services - $8,000
    To expand family planning health care, screening and treatment for sexually transmitted disease, HIV counseling and testing, community health education, and HIV case-management services in the City of Marlborough and surrounding towns. 
  • Holyoke Health Center - $15,000
    To support the Healthy Weight for Women project for Latina women in Holyoke.
  • Metro West Free Medical Program - $25,000
    For a clinical manager to support volunteer physicians and others in an effort to expand capacity and services to underinsured in Framingham/Metrowest communities.
  • Open Door Free Medical Program - $10,000
    To support the Chronic Disease Project, a Hudson program run by volunteer physicians, nurses, and medical students trying to improve diagnosis management of hypertension and diabetes.
  • Project Bread - $10,000
    For its Boston Healthy Food Partnership, a collaborative demonstration project which targets 2000 low income students in three Boston Public Schools
  • Sharewood Project - $7,500
    To expand urgent and primary healthcare services by volunteer medical students at the Malden clinic for the underserved of Greater Boston.
  • Volunteers in Medicine Berkshires - $20,000
    For a Family Nurse Practitioner who will provide medical evaluation, treatments, and preventive health education to the
    underinsured and uninsured residents of the southern Berkshire region.


  • The Albert Schweitzer Fellowship - $25,000
    To support the Boston Schweitzer Fellows Program, one of ten such programs in the U.S. The Fellows Program supports students in medicine and other health professions who are engaged in community service projects that promote health and improve access to health care for underserved populations
    Download the Final Report to Massachusetts Medical Society and Alliance Charitable Foundation (.pdf, 145 kb, 6 pages)
  • Lambaréné Schweitzer Fellowship - $5,000

    To provide support to a senior year medical student at the University of Massachusetts Medical School to spend three months working as a Fellow at the Albert Schweitzer Hospital in Lambaréné, Gabon on clinical rotations.

International Health Studies

  • Lindsay Kim, MD, MPH 
    A second-year primary care resident at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center who will work to increase the access to HIV care to rural Liberians as well as provide primary care to the HIV population through the HIV Clinic at Tubman Memorial Hospital. Additionally, she will travel to remote areas to educate, screen, and treat those at risk for HIV infection.
    Download the report "Serving HIV/AIDS Patients in Rural Southeastern Liberia with Tiyatien Health, Inc." (.pdf, 5.55 mb, 10 pages)
  • Evgeniy U. Kreydin 
    A fourth-year medical student at Harvard Medical School who will work in a pediatric clinic in Dnepropetrovsk Ukraine as well as in rural clinics surrounding the city and who will evaluation, diagnose, and treat pediatric patients utilizing limited medical resources.  The work will concentrate on children with congenital urologic abnormalities.
  • Helen Moreira
    A fourth-year medical student at the University of Massachusetts Medical School who, through Unite for Sight, will work with local Ophthalmologists traveling to remote villages in the province of Bihar, India providing basic eye screening and treatment. For those in need of surgery, transportation to the local hospital and surgery will be provided free of charge. Ms. Moreira will assist with surgery and participate in eye screenings at local schools.
  • Evangeline Thibodeau, MD
    A fourth-year internal medicine resident at Tufts Medical Center who will conduct a research study on the HIV-infected adult men and women who are registered on the HIV patient databases of two community outreach programs providing health care in the Vellore district of Tamil Nadu, India to determine barriers to care.
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