Massachusetts Medical Society: Empathetics: Neuroscience of Emotions (3 Modules)

Empathetics: Neuroscience of Emotions (3 Modules)

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Empathetics:  Neuroscience of Emotions (3 Modules)

Improving empathic behavior increases patient satisfaction, reduces the likelihood of malpractice law suits, decreases burnout, and improves clinician job satisfaction.   A rigorous randomized controlled trial of practicing physicians showed statistically significant improvement in patient satisfaction scores for those clinicians that completed these courses.  

Jointly provided with Empathetics, LLC and hosted by

Helen Riess, M.D.
Chairman, Chief Scientific Officer, Empathetics, LLC
Associate Clinical Professor, Harvard Medical School
Director, Empathy and Relational Science Program, Massachusetts General Hospital

Course Fees
Individual Modules: $165
Purchase all 3 modules: $400

Module 1:  Introduction to the Neuroscience of Empathy
This course introduces medical professionals to the neuroscience of emotions, explains the difference between sympathy and empathy, and teaches empathy best practices in a clinical setting.  This one hour course provides practical, easy to implement, tips medical professionals can use immediately.

Module 2:  Managing Difficult Medical Interactions
Managing difficult interactions with patients and their families is a challenge for many physicians and nurses.  This course teaches medical professionals how to manage difficult interactions with others effectively and professionally.  Clinicians learn how to anticipate and recognize the early signs of challenging interactions, to manage their own emotions and effectively manage relationships.

Module 3:  Delivering Bad News
This course teaches medical professionals how to deliver bad news to patients and their families in the most effective and professional way. Delivering bad news compassionately has profound implications for patients and their families, improves satisfaction with care and reduces the likelihood of misunderstandings that could lead to malpractice claims.


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