AHH&C MIN Astronomy Section

Astronomy Section Chair: Mario Motta, M.D.

Astronomy Links

Amateur Telescope Makers of Boston: www.atmob.org

Stellafane (Springfield Telescope Makers): www.stellafane.com

Sky and Telescope magazine: www.skypub.com

NASA: www.nasa.gov

The Bridgewater State College observatory is a local hot spot for amateur astronomers. Dr. Martina Arndt, physics professor at the college, opens the observatory to the public twice a month. Acording to the observatory's website (www.bridgew.edu/observatory) visitors can use the telescopes to view galaxies, planets, the moon, stars, nebulae and other astronomical objects.

About the Astronomy Section

The Astronomy Section intends to be a network of MMS members who are interested in astronomy, and who will collaborate and interact. The network can become whatever will serve our needs best:

  • Email listserv that will allow weekly or status messages to be sent regarding any interesting astronomical events to be observed (e.g. a good apparition of a planet).
  • We may hold periodic meetings and have guest speakers, or "how to" sessions. 
  • Star parties may be arranged.
  • Observation nights may be arranged, and could be held at my observatory.
  • An "image of the week" could be sent, such as from members' telescopes or from the Hubble space telescope.

These and many other ideas are possible. If you have an interest in astronomy and would like to become a member of an organized group to expand your horizons, please join!

Mario Motta, M.D.

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