Massachusetts Medical Society: Committee on Diversity in Medicine

Committee on Diversity in Medicine

Works to promote diversity within the medical profession and heighten awareness of disparities in health care access and treatment. The Committee meets 4 to 6 times a year on weekday evenings. 

Committee Members
Milagros E. Abreu, Middlesex West, Chair
Sharon L. Marable, Middlesex West, Vice Chair
Damian K. Archer, Essex South
W. Michael Byrd, OS 
Marie Christine David, Norfolk  
Audra R. Meadows, Charles River
Cecilia M. Mikalac, MD, Middlesex West
Bisola Ojikutu, Suffolk
Arlene B. Reed-Delaney, Middlesex
Fidencio Saldana, Norfolk
Purnima R. Sangal, Middlesex North
So-Fai Tsang, Norfolk
S. Ram Upadhyay, MD, Worcester
Simone S. Wildes, MD, Norfolk South

Resident and Fellow:  
Member: Angela Leung, Suffolk

Medical Students: 
Member: Dalia Larios, Norfolk
Alternate: Donna Okoli, Suffolk

Alliance Liaisons:  
Member: Margaret Igne
Alternate: Ulku Akyurek

Alice A. Tolbert Coombs, Norfolk South
Ronald W. Dunlap, Norfolk South
Lenny Lopez, Norfolk

MMS Staff Liaison
Robyn Alie (

Committee Activities and Additional Resources: 

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