Massachusetts Medical Society: Committee on Information Technology

Committee on Information Technology

Meets monthly in the evenings to identify and evaluate major trends in Information Technology that impact medical practice including policy, education, devices, guidelines, regulations, and laws. The committee makes recommendations to the Board of Trustees, the House of Delegates, and membership on responses to the trends with the goal of being proactive. The committee also encourages medical information technology development through its Student and Resident Information Technology in Medicine awards program and educational events.

Click here for information on the MMS Information Technology in Medicine Awards

Committee Members
Glenn A. Tucker, Norfolk South, Chair
J. Randolph Bak, Charles River, Vice Chair
Robert B.  Coit, Worcester North
Kenneth J. Hekman, Middlesex Central
Joseph M. Heyman, Essex North
Mitchell A. Izower, Suffolk
Jennifer Joe, Suffolk
Judd L. Kline, Middlesex West
Steven E. Locke, Middlesex West
Eugenia Marcus, Charles River
Rebecca G. Mishuris, Norfolk
Stephen J. Morgan, Essex South
Julien L. Pham, Suffolk
Lipika Samal, Middlesex
Richard S. Weinhaus, Norfolk South
Hayward K. Zwerling, Middlesex North
Henry L. Dorkin, Suffolk
Thomas E. Sullivan, Essex South

Resident and Fellow:  
Member: Priya Ramaswamy, Suffolk

Medical Students:  
Member: Elena Madan, Suffolk
Alternate: Isaac Gendelman, Suffolk

Alliance Liaisons:   
Member: Sophia Bogdasarian
Alternate: TBD

Johnye I. Ballenger, Middlesex
Geoffrey M. Burns, Charles River
Shira H. Fischer, Norfolk
Lloyd D. Fisher, Worcester
Sally H. Ginsburg, Hampden
Adrian Gropper, Middlesex
Cyrus C. Hopkins, Suffolk
Judith A. Melin, Norfolk
Robin S. Richman, Middlesex
James M. Richter, Suffolk
Thomas E. Sullivan, Essex South

MMS Staff Liaisons 
Leon Barzin (

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