Massachusetts Medical Society: Committee on Senior Physicians

Committee on Senior Physicians

Recognizes the multiple and diverse matters that are of concern to senior physician constituencies age 65 and older, and explores mechanisms to address these unique issues. It also serves as a link for these professionals to promote continued participation and personal enrichment. This committee meets 5 times a year on Wednesdays at lunch-time. 

Resources and Opportunities for Senior Physicians


Committee Members:
Luis T. Sanchez, Charles River, Chair
Marcelle M. Willock, Suffolk, Vice Chair
Stephen Berkowitz, Middlesex West
Barbara Bjornson, Essex South
Frank S. Carbone, Essex South
James M. Ellison, Middlesex
Robert M. Giasi, Worcester
Peter H. Gordon, Plymouth
Lisbeth M. B. Howe, Charles River
Charles G. Huizenga, Middlesex Central
Sidney P. Kadish, Worcester
Judd L. Kline, Middlesex West
Burton G. Mandel, Middlesex
Stephen W. Miller, Barnstable
Harold Picken, Charles River
Arlene B. Reed-Delaney, Middlesex
Sally A. Sveda, Charles River
Rajendra M. Trivedi, Middlesex
Thomas E. Sullivan, Essex South

Resident and Fellow: 
Member: TBD

Medical Students:  
Member: Jennifer Yu, Suffolk
Alternate: TBD

Alliance Liaisons:  
Member: Sophia Bogdasarian
Alternate: TBD


MMS Staff Liaison

Chew-Hoong Koh (

Upcoming Meetings: 
February 1, 2017, 12:00-2:00 p.m.

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