Massachusetts Medical Society: Organized Medical Staff Section Section Activities

Organized Medical Staff Section Section Activities

Frank Carbone, Jr., MD, Chair

The Organized Medical Staff Section provides a representational forum for physicians practicing in organized medical staffs.  The Section identifies and articulates the concerns of physicians with the medical staff structure, facilitates opportunities for focused discussion of these topics, and works to address these issues through MMS and AMA governance and education.  

The OMSS works to raise awareness, provide information and increase active participation in the Section. 

  • Create strategies for grassroots outreach to MMS members to participate in the OMSS.
  • Provide insight and expertise about all aspects of the OMSS including the governance process and mentor new members of the MMS and AMA.
  • Increase involvement of young physicians by appointing a representative to the OMSS Executive Committee (EC) to provide collaboration between the YPS and the OMSS.

Establish interactive communication between organized medicine and practicing physicians.

  • Increase utilization of various communication channels to members of the MMS OMSS.  
  • Identify representatives within organized medical staffs, and outreach to medical staff leaders.
  • Encourage medical staff representation and funding opportunities to local and national meetings.
  • Foster leadership by the MMS-OMSS within the Great Atlantic Seaboard Caucus (other state medical societies) for the exchange of relevant information and governance.

Create educational and work products for physicians in organized health care delivery systems. 

  • Communicate with the leadership of medical staffs to identify and address topics of concern.
  • Explore education and work products to address Medical Staff Bylaws, attendance within medical staffs, and track developing trends. 

Address Medical Staff issues through MMS and AMA governance channels. 

  • Utilize the MMS governance process including its House of Delegates, to address local issues.
  • Collaboration between the MMS-OMSS and the Great Atlantic Seaboard Caucus to raise local issues to the national level through the AMA-OMSS Assembly.
  • Partner with the MA Delegation to the AMA House of Delegates for coordinated strategies. 

Assist with communications and activities of government agencies such as the Joint Commission (JC) and the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS).

  • Participate in reviewing proposed regulations and rules by offering recommendations and raising concern when warranted.
  • Work with the AMA-OMSS, in their review, and monitoring of JC field reviews, and provide responses to for requests for public feedback.
  • Support the AMA as they alert members of upcoming and pending changes, (e.g., field reviews), and stress the need for physician participation, and share results.

The following Reports were researched, analyzed and submitted to the MMS House of Delegates:

  1. Medical Staff Participation
  2. Pharmacy Compounding
  3. Maintenance Payments for Electronic Health Records
  4. Value-Based Insurance Design
  5. Medical Staff Compacts
  6. Review of Positions on Medical Ethics
  7. Employment Status and Eligibility for Election or Appointment to Medical Staff Leadership Positions as It Relates to the Full Disclosure of Conflicts of Interest
  8. Medical Staff Participation
  9. The Impact of Medical Staff Participation
  10. Medical Staff Involvement in Hospital-Billing Compliance Audits
  11. Qualifications, Selection and the Role of Hospital Medical Directors, Chief Medical Officers, Vice Presidents for Medical Affairs, and Others Employed by or Under Contract with Hospitals/Health Systems to Provide Medical Management Services
  12. Physicians Exercise of Conscience 
  13. Hospital Admissions and Patient Management Contractors 
  14. FDA Regulations of Off-Label Drug Promotion 
  15. Mixed Medical Staffs and the Election Process
  16. Increasing Collaboration between Physicians and the Public to Address Problems in Health Care Delivery

The following Reports were submitted to AMA OMSS Assembly and many followed to the AMA House of Delegates: 

  1. Accountable Care Organization Migration
  2. Accountable Care Organizations and the Universal Opportunity for Participation
  3. The Creation of Independent Specialty Specific Affordable Care Organizations for the Preservation of Patient Choice
  4. Principles for Health Plan Coverage Decisions
  5. Determination of Need for Physician-Controlled Entities
  6. AMA Response to Drug Store Chain Intrusion into Medical Practice
  7. Establishment of a Transitional Doctorate program (MD/DO) for Qualified Physician Assistants and Nurse Practitioners: A Feasibility Study
  8. Maintenance Payments for Electronic Health Records
  9. Quality Measure Oversight – Principles for Measuring and Rewarding Physician Performance
  10. Preserving Free Speech and Confidentiality in the Physician Patient Relationship
  11. The Future of Private Practice
  12. The Creation of AMA Principles for Physician Demonstration of Current Professional Expertise 

The MMS-OMSS holds 4 to 5 Executive Committee meetings per year. In addition, EC members attend the interim and annual AMA-OMSS Assembly meetings. The Section has numerous representatives from medical staffs across the state attend these meetings. The Great Atlantic Seaboard Caucus meetings that are held prior to the AMA-OMSS Assembly are coordinated and attended by all MA representatives.   

For more information on OMSS activities and events, please contact 
Steve Phelan 
(781) 434-7320

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