MMS Policy on the Sale of Tobacco in Health Care Facilities/Pharmacies

Sale of Tobacco in Health Care Facilities/Pharmacies

The MMS will support government action to prevent the sale of tobacco in any health care facility licensed by the Commonwealth or any site where a health care provider licensed under any section of Chapter 112 of the Massachusetts General Laws practices his or her profession.

The MMS will support government action to prohibit any individual or corporate entity from providing shared or leased space to a licensed health care facility in any site where tobacco products are sold or distributed.

The MMS will support regulations preventing all licensed health care providers from being employed in their professional capacity by any entity selling or distributing tobacco products in the same building or site where health care services are delivered. This prohibition shall not apply to buildings or sites where tobacco sales are conducted in a site with separate street entrances more than 75 feet from the site where health services are offered and where no interior hallways provide access to both the health care facility and the site selling or distributing tobacco.

Adopted November 11, 2008

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