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Before the Meeting


We strongly encourage all attendees to pre-register online for all Interim Meeting events you plan to attend. By pre-registering, it allows for faster onsite check-in, an adequate number of seats for your district in the House of Delegates (HOD) sessions, and accurate meal counts. 

Pre-Registration closes on Monday, November 27, at noon.

How do I get information about my district caucus meeting?

Most districts, regions and sections will hold caucus meetings during the morning prior to the House of Delegates’ sessions usually starting around 7 a.m. though start times vary for each meeting. Click here for the complete caucus schedule.

Your regional manager is your best contact person for information about your caucus meeting.  Contact the Northeast Regional Manager here, the Southeast Regional Manager here, and the West Central Regional Manager here. If you are unsure of your district/region, please click here.

Should I bring my laptop?

Because of the way most rooms are set up to accommodate many people comfortably, we do not provide outlets in the meeting rooms. However, there are charging stations in the back of the Auditorium at MMS Headquarters on Friday and the back of the Ballroom at the Westin Hotel, Waltham on Saturday. Please bring your laptop fully charged each day.

Is Wi-Fi available at the meeting and is there a charge?

Yes. Wi-Fi is available to meeting attendees at no charge. 

What is the registration cancellation policy for the meeting?

A full refund will be provided to attendees who cancel prior to the start of the meeting.

During the Meeting

What are the registration desk hours?

Here is the full schedule of hours for the Registration Desk:

  • Friday- 6:30 a.m.-5:00 p.m.
  • Saturday- 6:30 a.m.- Close of HOD Session

Where is the registration desk onsite?

On Friday the registration desk is in the Conference Center Foyer at MMS Headquarters and on Saturday in the Edenvale Ballroom Foyer at the Westin Hotel, Waltham

Pre-registered attendees will obtain their pre-registration packet which includes a complete schedule, handouts, badge, and QR Code for scanning yourself into HOD Sessions and CME Sessions. 

Attendees who are not registered may do so onsite at the On-Site Registration Desk. 

Delegates are reminded to scan themselves in using their personalized QR Code for all HOD Sessions and CME sessions to receive proper attendance credit.

What is a QR Code?

Each attendee’s badge will have a quick response, or QR, code on the reverse side. A QR code is a type of matrix barcode used on gate passes, nutrition labels, and for marketing purposes. The QR code appearing on your badge is programmed with your name and your MMS Member ID number. Attendees will “scan-in” to record their attendance at all HOD sessions and CME events (no scanning is required at lunches or social events).

What events will I scan into? How do I scan a QR Code?

When you first arrive at the meeting for the House of Delegates First Session, MMS staff will scan your QR code at the registration desk.

For the afternoon CME sessions, YOU will scan your QR code with the help of a staff member or on your own at the kiosks located at the entrance of the event. Tap the screen to select the CME event you plan to attend. The event will turn green to signify that you are checked in.

For the House of Delegates Second Session, you will scan your QR code with the help of a staff member or on your own at the kiosks located at the entrance of the HOD. Tap the screen to select the HOD event you plan to attend. The event will turn green to signify that you are checked in. On Saturday, there is no need to physically check-in at the registration desk!

You may access reference committee reports online or at the ballroom entrance doors. You will receive your voting keypads from staff as you enter the ballroom.

Are there exhibits taking place at the Meeting?

Yes.  Exhibits are Friday at MMS Headquarters.


  • Alliance Holiday Boutique
  • Arts, History, Humanism & Culture Member Interest Network
  • Committee on Information Technology
  • Committee on Senior Volunteer Physicians
  • MA Responds/Stop the Bleed
  • Massachusetts Medical Benevolent Society
  • Massachusetts Medical Society and Alliance Charitable Foundation
  • Membership Services
  • MMS Education Programs
  • NEJM CareerCenter
  • NEJM Group
  • Physicians Insurance Agency of Massachusetts (PIAM)
  • Practice Solutions and Medical Economics (PPRC)
  • Public Health

What is the MMS doing to make its meeting more green?

The MMS and the Conference Center at Waltham Woods makes efforts each year to make our meetings greener and reduce impact on the environment.

Green initiatives this year include:

  • Online access to the HOD Delegates’ Handbook and Reference Committee Reports
  • Online Testimony Opportunity- ability to testify online up through the morning of the Opening Session of the HOD
  • Online access to CME presentations and course evaluations
  • Electronic Voting at the HOD
  • Recruit Your Colleague Tote Bags are made from recyclable plastic fabric and may be reused, washed or recycled after the meeting
  • Registrant badges and collected meeting materials will be recycled and reused where appropriate
  • No bottled water – water is available through Reverse Osmosis Filtration system and dispensed individually in compostable cups
  • Purchase local produce when in season

The Westin Hotel, Waltham also strives to reduce their waste and impact on the environment.  They do so through various efforts executed in hotel rooms and meeting/ event spaces. 

As we continue to make green improvements to our meetings, we welcome your ideas to help us achieve this goal.  Please contact us if you have suggestions for improvement.

May I bring a guest?

Guests are welcome at all CME and social events.  Please note that while guests are welcome to attend the business meetings of the House of Delegates, they are considered Non-Delegates and are required to sit in the observers section at the back of the meeting room for the Second Session of the HOD (it is open seating for the First Session).

Am I required to wear my name badge?

Yes. All registrants will be provided a name badge for use during the meeting. For security purposes, name badges are required at all business meetings, educational sessions, and luncheons.  They are not required for social events. Individuals not wearing a name badge during the required events will be directed to the registration desk to register and obtain a badge.

What if there is an emergency at the meeting?

In the unlikely event of a fire or other building emergency, an alarm will activate and emergency strobe lights will begin flashing.  Unless otherwise directed, all guests should leave the building immediately.  In this unlikely event, security and staff will be available to direct you out of the building.  For medical or security assistance, please contact extension 7122 at the MMS and dial 0 from any hotel phone at the Westin Hotel, Waltham.  Please note that the MMS and the Westin Hotel, Waltham both have defibrillators onsite.”

The registration desk is equipped with a listing of the personal emergency contacts for all event attendees.  In the event of a personal emergency, MMS staff will communicate with the personal emergency contact.

What accommodations are made for people with disabilities?

If you are disabled and require special assistance while attending the meeting please contact MMS at

What should I wear to Interim Meeting events?

Attire for the majority of the meeting is business attire. Every effort will be made to provide a comfortable environment; however, meeting room temperatures can fluctuate greatly and may be difficult to control. The temperature is often cool in the meeting rooms, therefore, a jacket or sweater is recommended for the conference.

After the Meeting

Will I be able to provide feedback about the meeting?

Yes. We encourage feedback!  All CME course evaluations will be conducted electronically. An email will be sent within 3-5 days after the meeting to the email address we have on file. In addition, please feel free to send additional feedback about the meeting to

How do I get my CME certificate?

Once the conference has ended, you will be able to access your CME certificate through your "My Registration" page. You will be able to generate a document that you can print, or save to your computer for future reference.

What happens to the resolutions/reports after the HOD meeting?

The Board of Trustees (BOT) refers policies/directives to the appropriate committee(s) for implementation or for report back to the HOD.  If the HOD voted to refer a resolution/report to the BOT for decision or a report back to the HOD, the BOT will refer it to the appropriate committee(s) for analysis.  

Final House votes and referrals are posted on the MMS website under Annual and Interim Meetings after the BOT meeting that follows the HOD Meeting. If you need additional information, or have questions related to the House of Delegates meeting, please contact

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Online Delegates’ Handbook

All resolutions and reports for an upcoming meeting, plus any other business before the House, are published in the Delegates’ Handbook.

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Hotel Reservations

A block of rooms is being held at the Westin Hotel, Waltham. Click here to book your hotel room online before the MMS Hotel Deadline of Monday, October 30, 2017.

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