Massachusetts Medical Society: Membership and Benefits for Medical Students

Membership and Benefits for Medical Students

MMS medical student membership is free to medical students who reside in Massachusetts and are enrolled in an accredited medical school.

Some of the member benefits that MMS Medical Student Members receive are:

  • Personal online subscription to the New England Journal of Medicine - NEJM. ($49 Value)
  • Personal subscription to NEJM Journal Watch Online. ($59 Value)
  • Free or heavily discounted pricing on MMS education programs, online services and networking events. ($25+ Value)
  • Advocacy support on important issues such as ensuring ACGME funding. (Priceless)
  • Free American Medical Association (AMA) membership, sponsored by the MMS. Visit the AMA website here for details about additional AMA membership benefits. ($68 Value for 4 years of medical school)

Join over 25,000 of your colleagues who make up the MMS.
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Benefits of Membership

Medical Students who are MMS members can stand out among their peers by adding practical experience and leadership skills to their academic education … and membership is FREE! The MMS is the fastest growing state medical society in the country and it is time for you to join your professional association. Every medical student should have MMS membership on their CV …  join today (for FREE!)

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Choosing a Specialty 

The MMS has a number of resources and aptitude tests to help medical students make the best decision for their professional futures.

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