Massachusetts Medical Society: Student Members of MMS Committees

Student Members of MMS Committees


Board Of Trustees And District Elected Committees

Board of Trustees
Trustee: Marguerite Youngren 
Alternate Trustee: Michael Nitz

Committee on Legislation
Member: Alexander Pomerantz
Alternate: J. Celeste Peay

Committee on Nominations
Member: J. Celeste Peay

Board Committees

Committee on Finance
Member: Alexander Rothkrug
Alternate: Haares Mirzan 

Committee on Strategic Planning
Member: Annirudh Balachandran

Standing Committees

Committee on Bylaws
Member: Liz Lin
Alternate: Bradford Greaves

Committee on Communications
Member: Derek Soled
Alternate: Shani Aharon

Committee on Ethics, Grievances, and Professional Standards
Member: Laura Santos

Committee on Interspecialty
Delegate: Jeffrey Breton
Alternate Delegate: Dylan Heckscher

Committee on Medical Education
Member: Sina Foroutanjazi
Alternate: Travis Hallett  

Committee on Membership
Member: Amanda Whitehouse
Alternate: Lulu Xu 

Committee on Public Health
Member: Blair Robinson
Alternate: Julie Hugunin 

Committee on Publications
Member: Emal Lesha
Alternate: Nicholas Chiu 

Committee on the Quality of Medical Practice
Member: Suhas Gondi
Alternate: Tej Ganti

Special Committees

Committee on Accreditation Review
Member: Natalie Mulkey
Alternate: Akhil Uppalapati

Committee on Diversity in Medicine
Member: David Velasquez
Alternate: Negan Harper

Committee on Environmental and Occupational Health
Member: Matthew Townsend
Alternate: Prithwijit Roychowdhury

Committee on Geriatric Medicine
Member: J. Celeste Peay
Alternate: Emily Miller

Committee on Global Health
Member: Tatiana Petrovick
Alternate: Aminata Anne Soumare

Committee on History
Member: Rajesh Reddy
Alternate: Jeffrey Breton 

Committee on Information Technology
Member: Elena Madan
Alternate: Isaac Gendelman 

Committee on Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Matters
Member: Jason A. Park
Alternate: Michael Girouard 

Committee on Maternal and Perinatal Welfare
Member: LeAnn Louis
Alternate: Francesca Barrett 

Committee on Men’s Health
Member: Nathanaelle Ibeziako
Alternate: Jae Cho

Committee on Nutrition and Physical Activity
Member: Sebastian Roque
Alternate: Marissa Mastrocola 

Committee on Preparedness
Member: Kristin Scott
Alternate: Agatha Brzezinski 

Committee on Professional Liability
Member: Saahil Jumkhawala
Alternate: Jae Cho 

Committee on Senior Physicians
Member: Jennifer Yu
Alternate:  Vacant 

Committee on Sponsored Programs
Member: Gabriela Gaudier
Alternate: Mayer Chalom

Committee on Student Health and Sports Medicine
Member: Nolan Condron
Alternate: Yilun Zhang

Committee on Violence Intervention and Prevention
Member: Matthew Young
Alternate: Katarina Cheng 

Committee on Women in Medicine
Member: Marguerite Youngren
Alternate: Molly Vora 

Committee on Young Physicians
Member: Aaron Armadey-Wellington
Alternate: Adam Kronish

Member Interest Network (MIN)

Arts, History, Humanism and Culture Executive Council   
Member: Abra Shen
Alternate: Naina Chipalkatti

Other Organizations

Boston Medical Library Trustees
Member: Ellen Kim

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