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Annual Report

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Physicians practice today in ever-changing and challenging times. When a major threat of infectious disease occurring halfway around the world can surface locally without warning, when concern arises over pain medications, when a patient’s diagnosis reveals a life-threatening condition, when new regulations require more time and effort to provide the care a patient needs, the profession is compelled to learn and react quickly and chart a course of action. The health of patients — and indeed their lives — depends on such responses.

Every day, physicians are called upon to evaluate, understand, and quantify health risks and offer informed and appropriate responses to their patients. Each day, patients seek and expect their doctor’s insight and advice.

As healers and educators, physicians must consider many issues. A shifting health care delivery system, the challenges of consolidation, new technologies, rising health care and pharmaceutical costs, and national and state legislation and regulation all affect the work of physicians and the lives of their patients.

To accomplish these critical tasks, the Massachusetts Medical Society, through advocacy, education, and communication, guides its members on effective ways to navigate this daunting landscape.

Our 2016 Annual Report provides a snapshot of some of major efforts the Society has undertaken during the past year — all with a focus on what matters most: to help physicians provide excellent care for their patients.

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