Massachusetts Medical Society: MMS Supports Sen. Markey’s Prescribed Opioid Labeling Bill

MMS Supports Sen. Markey’s Prescribed Opioid Labeling Bill

The Massachusetts Medical Society thanks Sen. Markey for his leadership and partnership in addressing the opioid epidemic over the last several years, and for taking additional action today in proposing this important legislation.

The introduction and adoption of opioid prescription labeling that communicates explicitly that all patients taking opioids risk addiction and accidental overdose would provide an additional means by which physicians can strive to meet our obligation and our responsibility to inform patients of those risks. 

Labeling is a valuable safeguard, which can serve to augment patient-physician conversations about the appropriate clinical use and dangers of opioid medication.  The importance of educating a patient about treatment cannot be overstated, and labeling reinforces the message that there are serious risks associated with taking opioids. 

The Medical Society has supported staunchly “partial-fill” requirements, increased access to medication-assisted treatment, the expanded availability of naloxone and rigid training for those who prescribe opioids.

The physician-members of the Massachusetts Medical Society have vowed to champion and advise on legislation, such as Sen. Markey’s opioid labeling bill, that can protect our patients, save lives and reduce harm and death resulting from the opioid epidemic that has brought tragedy to too many of our families and friends.

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