Massachusetts Medical Society: New MMS Member Benefit: NEJM Journal Watch Online

New MMS Member Benefit: NEJM Journal Watch Online

Members of the Massachusetts Medical Society now have free access to an innovative and pragmatic resource for keeping up with medical research: NEJM Journal Watch Online. Your complimentary subscription provides unlimited access to physician-edited perspectives on developments in research, presented by specialty, allowing you to tailor content to your professional needs.

NEJM Journal Watch Online delivers information about current research, medical news, drug information, public health alerts, and guidelines across 12 specialties and 19 topic areas. A team of physician-editors surveys 250 medical journals, selects the most important research and guidelines, and distills them into focused summaries. Subscribers receive updates that frame findings in a clinical context, providing perspective on how current research applies to the everyday practice of medicine.

All members of the MMS receive a complimentary subscription to the New England Journal of Medicine. But it’s clear that today’s physician needs even more high-quality medical information, efficiently presented. Although medical research is being conducted — and published — at an unprecedented rate, administrative burdens leave doctors with few free minutes in the day. In today’s medical environment, it is increasingly difficult for physicians to stay on top of the current medical evidence.

At the same time, some physicians are seeing medical library services rolled back. In an MMS survey, one in five members reported that they have neither physical nor online access to medical library services, and nearly two in five reported that their level of access either does not suit or only somewhat suits their needs.

Beginning in December 2017, the MMS will include a free subscription to NEJM Journal Watch Online (priced at $129 a year to nonmembers) as a benefit of membership. MMS members will receive an email invitation from NEJM Group with instructions for establishing your complimentary account and online subscription, including unlimited 24/7 access to the archives and resources of

For those physicians who need a specific published article for research or clinical purposes, the MMS can also help. As a benefit of the Medical Society’s relationship with the Boston Medical Library, you may request up to 10 complimentary articles from the Countway Library each year.

Part of the mission of the Massachusetts Medical Society is to advance medical knowledge. These member benefits are intended to help us do just that for our members — for the benefit of your patients.


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