Massachusetts Medical Society: Safeguard Your Medical License and Career: MMS Member Service for BORIM Issues

Safeguard Your Medical License and Career: MMS Member Service for BORIM Issues

“Since I was not a LAP member when I received a Board complaint, it cost me thousands of dollars for an attorney to resolve the issue. The Plan is an incredible bargain.” — MMS Member

A disciplinary action by the Board of Registration in Medicine (BORIM) may have devastating consequences. The Legal Advisory Plan (LAP), a low-cost MMS member benefit, gives you expert legal advice from counsel committed to protecting your rights and interests, helping you avoid common mistakes.

Protecting your medical license is paramount to preserving your reputation and continuing your career. When the BORIM issues a notification of a complaint or investigation, it can be time-consuming, challenging, and costly. Responding personally is not recommended. Hiring an attorney can cost thousands of dollars.

Bridge the Gap in Malpractice Coverage

Your professional liability policy may limit your coverage for BORIM matters, and you may quickly reach your coverage maximum. Using the MMS LAP first provides an extra layer of coverage and may help prevent malpractice insurance premium increases.

Examples of BORIM investigations include:

  • A patient filed a complaint: the physician was rude, didn’t listen, or dismissed a health concern.
  • The physician did not complete his or her medical license application correctly.
  • The physician failed to report misconduct by another physician.

Enrollment Options

The LAP is an exclusive members-only, low-cost legal service. Two enrollment options are available for January 2019–January 2020: either enroll your entire medical group, or each physician can join individually. Groups of five or more receive additional discounts. To receive services, you need to be enrolled in the LAP when a BORIM investigation is initiated.

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