Massachusetts Medical Society: Employee Flu Immunization Campaign Kit

Employee Flu Immunization Campaign Kit

The Employee Flu Immunization Campaign Kit is designed to help hospitals, nursing homes, and other health care settings protect staff and patients from influenza by increasing health care worker immunization rates.

The kit includes facts, worksheets, promotional materials, tips, and step-by-step instructions on how to plan and conduct a successful employee flu immunization campaign.

The kit is available in PDF format. If you don't have Adobe Reader,  download a free copy from Adobe's website.

Step 1: Initiate the Campaign (.pdf, 112 kb)
Includes annotated Web links to rapidly changing information, facts about TIV vs. LAIV, Massachusetts Health Care Worker Immunization Recommendations

Step 2:  Plan the Campaign (.pdf, 83 kb)
Includes tips for team building, assessment worksheet, pre-clinic preparation tasks

Step 3:   Promote the Campaign: Educate Staff and Visitors (.pdf, 142 kb)
Includes campaign flyers in multiple languages, fact sheets, sample publicity messages to employees

Step 4:   Operate Clinics and Track Progress (.pdf, 73 kb)
Includes influenza vaccine administration record, sample primary care provider notification letter, sample vaccine declination tracking form

Step 5:   Celebrate Successes and Plan for Next Year (.pdf,  61kb)
Includes post-campaign assessment worksheet

Additional Materials
NOTE: The order form referenced in the kit is no longer available; additional promotional materials cannot be ordered. The following materials can be downloaded:

Promotional and Planning Materials

© Produced September 2006 by the Massachusetts Medical Society, Masspro, and the Massachusetts Department of Public Health

This publication is intended to serve as an informational resource. It is not meant to constitute medical advice, as medical care and treatment decisions depend on individual circumstances. Please consult a physician about specific medical questions concerning influenza immunizations.

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