Meeting FAQs and Zoom Technical Resources

Quick Downloadable Reference Sheets

  • Zoom Basics (PDF)

  • HOD Parliamentary/Delegate Virtual Participation Guidance (PDF) – (Coming soon)

Before the Meeting

  • Virtual Meeting Tips
  • Registration Questions
  • Delegate Pre-HOD/caucus meetings

During the Meeting

  • Logging In
  • Meeting Functionality
  • In-Meeting Technical Support
  • HOD Attendance/Request for Additional Assistance

After the Meeting

  • Final House Votes
  • Continuing Medical Education/Feedback

Before the Meeting

Using a smartphone with the Zoom application is an option, but the optimal experience for participating in the meeting is via a laptop/desktop.

Virtual Meeting Tips

  • To fully participate in the meeting, including being able to vote, you must use the Zoom application (downloaded on a laptop, desktop or cell phone). Please note you will not be able to vote if you use a land line, or a cell phone which does not contain the Zoom application (e.g., you are planning to call into the meeting with your phone while not simultaneously using the Zoom app).
  • Review the Zoom Basics for Attendees document here.

What if I still feel technically unprepared for Zoom?
The MMS will be providing “Check Your Tech” virtual sessions in advance of the meeting. These sessions are designed to provide attendees the opportunity to do a pre-check of their technology. They will be held on the Monday and Wednesday evenings at 7:00 pm prior to the HOD Session 1 and HOD Session 2 (Check Your Tech Dates: 11/2, 11/4, 11/30 and 12/2). Registration is not required. Learn more details here.

Pre-meeting technical support:
Pre-meeting technical support is available via e-mail at or text to 978-566-1247.

Please note: monitoring of this resource will begin on October 15th and will continue through December 5th. This is not a 24/7 support resource and is checked on a regular basis during regular business hours We appreciate your patience as we assist all those who need it.

Registration Questions

How do I register?
Registration is available at
Please click here for additional details.

Once you have registered, you will receive a confirmation email with your session agenda. You can easily modify your registration at any time. Closer to the meeting, you will receive the login/password Zoom details you need to access the sessions you pre-registered for. If you do not receive a confirmation, please check your spam folders. If you still can’t find your confirmation, contact or call 1-800-322-2303, ext. 7208.

What if I lose my confirmation email?
Your email confirmation will come from sender “Massachusetts Medical Society” from email address “” The subject line will be “Registration Confirmation – MMS 2020 Interim Meeting.” Use these search terms in your email to relocate your email confirmation.

You will also receive a meeting reminder email prior to the meeting with your confirmation and Zoom details for the sessions you have registered for. Each session you pre-registered for will have a unique Zoom link and password and will be included on your meeting reminder.

Who can I contact if I have questions about my registration?
Please email MMS staff at for assistance or call 800-322-2303, ext. 7208.

How late can I register?
We encourage you to pre-register well in advance of the meeting to allow you time for any unforeseen issues at the last minute. However, you may submit your registration as late as an hour prior to the session start time. If you do register late and very close to the start time of a session, Zoom details will come to your via email within 15 minutes or so.

What is the meeting registration cancellation policy for my meeting registration?
You may cancel any time prior to the start of Interim Meeting.

Delegate Pre-HOD/Caucus Meetings

How do I get information about my Delegates’ Handbook Review Meetings and District/Regional Caucus Meetings?
Please visit this section to learn more about HOD pre- meetings and district/regional caucus meetings.

During the Meeting

Logging In

When should I log on?
Approximately 10 minutes before your session is scheduled to begin, please login. If you do not receive a confirmation, please check your spam folders. If you still can’t find your confirmation, contact or call 1-800-322-2303, ext. 7208.

The meeting will begin at the scheduled time and you will be in a virtual “waiting room” until that time. Use this time to familiarize yourself with any features you may need to use for the meeting.

If you are asked to enter your name, please enter your first and last name for attendance reporting.

Once, you’ve logged in, you will see this Zoom Control Bar at the bottom of the screen:

Zoom Control Bar

If your Zoom Control Bar seems to disappear, drag your mouse to the bottom of your Zoom screen to make it come back.

If Zoom seems to disappear entirely from your screen at anytime, look for this icon and click on it.

Zoom Icon

Is the HOD meeting a meeting or a webinar? What is the difference?
Even if you have experience with Zoom meetings, participating in a webinar as we are using is a bit different. We recommend that you review this page and refer back to it later if you have questions. Features utilized at the HOD are described below.

Do I need to have my video on and will everyone be able to hear/see me?
As this is a Zoom webinar, as opposed to a Zoom meeting, attendees will not have their camera on and will not be able to see the other attendees. You will only be able to see and hear the speaker/s.

All attendees enter the meeting automatically on mute.

Meeting Functionality

How will the HOD conduct policymaking in a virtual setting?
Please visit the Interim Meeting HOD page for complete information on the HOD virtual policymaking process. To prepare, access the Delegates’ Handbook, (posted on Thursday, October 15), submit online testimony (site opens on Thursday, October 15), and view the final reference committee reports (posted on Tuesday, November 17).

How do I address/speak at the House of Delegates?
For the HOD, you will initially be muted.

You may use the Raise Hand feature to alert the Speaker(s) that you would like to speak, wait to be called on and then you will be able to unmute yourself.

Zoom Raise Hand

You may use the Q&A feature to make an interrupting motion.

Zoom QA

Prior to the meeting, delegates will be provided a PDF to reference for HOD Parliamentary /Delegate Virtual Participation Guidance.

How will HOD votes be handled?
Votes will be taken via the “Polling” feature in Zoom. The poll will appear on your zoom screen, you will cast your vote and submit. You will need to be on a computer or the Zoom app on a smartphone to vote.

Will I be able to speak during the Educational sessions?
No. All attendees will be muted but can use the Q&A option in Zoom to communicate with the hosts to ask a question.

In-Meeting Technical Support

Will there be live technical support during the meeting if I need help?
Yes, technical support is available by e-mailing or texting 978-566-1247 but please be aware there may be a delay in response. We appreciate your patience as we assist all those who need it.

HOD Attendance/Request for Additional Assistance 

Does attendance at virtual HOD sessions count towards the delegate attendance requirement?

What accommodations are made for people with disabilities?
Closed captioning will be provided during all virtual sessions. If you require additional special assistance, please contact us at

After the Meeting

Final House Votes 

What happens to the resolutions/reports after the HOD meeting?
The Board of Trustees (BOT) assigns policies/directives to the appropriate committee(s) for implementation or for report back to the HOD. If the HOD voted to refer a resolution/report to the BOT for decision or a report back to the HOD, the BOT will refer it to the appropriate committee(s) for analysis.

Final House votes and referrals are posted on the MMS website under Annual and Interim Meetings. If you need additional information, or have questions related to the House of Delegates meeting, please contact

Continuing Medical Education/Feedback

How many CME credits can I earn at the Interim Meeting?
Please visit for all CME details.

How do I get my CME certificate?
Once the conference has ended, you will be able to access your CME certificate through your "My Registration" page. You will be able to generate a document that you can print or save to your computer for future reference.

Will I be able to provide feedback about the meeting?
Yes. All CME course evaluations will be conducted electronically. An email will be sent within 3-5 days after the meeting to the email address we have on file.

In addition, please feel free to send additional feedback about the meeting to

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