How To Use Foundant

Recently, we implemented a new online grant management system called Foundant. Below are the tips and tricks you need to get it working so that you can submit your grant and be on your way.

**Evaluators – this page is not for you. You should not create your own account, rather an account will be created for you. You will also be trained to use Foundant. However, if you have any questions regarding the program, contact Jennifer Day at**

Getting Started

  1. Go to the login page and select 'Create New Account'
    • If you are part of an organization, you will need your organization's EIN/Tax ID number as well as contact information for both yourself and the Executive Officer of your organization to register.
    • If you are an individual, you should enter your last name in the 'Organization Name' field and NA in the EIN field during the first step of registration. You should also answer yes to the third step of the process which asks you if you are the executive officer of your organization.
    • If you think someone at your organization might have already created an account in the system, please do not create another one. Instead, contact us at before making an account. Some common reasons why your organization might already have an account is because your organization has applied for a grant from our organization in the past or because someone in your organization is already working on an application in the system.
  2. Once your account is set up, your account dashboard will be displayed on the screen every time you log on. From the dashboard, you can:
    • Edit and update your and your organization's contact information
    • Begin an application process by clicking on the Apply tab in the header
    • Access application drafts and submitted applications
    • Track your grant application process as well as your approval/denial status
    • Review your organization's grant history
    • Review shared documents regarding your grant
    • Receive comments on your grant from Foundation staff
    • Fill out and submit progress and final reports
    • Communicate with Foundation staff


  • We only give out grants to two types: organizations that are 501(c)(3) nonprofits and to individuals that are medical students or residents and members of the MMS. If you are unsure that you or your organization fits our requirements, look at the the International Health Studies Grant and Organizational Grant requirements.
  • If your user and organization contact information is the same, you can easily copy the address and phone number entered in the organization section of registration to the user section by selecting 'Copy Organization Address Information' at the top of the second step of the registration process.

Using the System

To apply for a grant, select the Apply tab at the top of the page. From there, find the grant to which you want to apply: if you are an individual that will be the International Health Studies Grant; if you are an organization, you will select the Organizational Grant. Click 'Apply' in the lower right hand corner of the description box and complete the form.

You must click the ‘Submit’ button to complete and submit your application form. When you do so, you should receive an automated email from the program. If you pressed submit but did not get the email, please contact us at

If you are an organization, your LOI will be reviewed and, if selected, you will receive another email assigning you the Full Proposal application. Log back into the system to complete this second, in-depth form.

Follow Ups
You will be alerted that you received or did not receive a grant within 45 days of the application deadline. If you have received a grant, you will need to log back into the system to complete a grant agreement form (if you are an organization) or a grant acceptance form (if you are an individual).

At this time, you will also be assigned two follow ups for reporting back to us on your project or program. The system will allow you to complete these two reports as soon as you complete your grant agreement/acceptance. However, DO NOT DO THIS. These follow ups are meant to be filled out either when you return from your trip (individuals) or over the course of your project implementation (organizations), as we hope they will be a way to learn and reflect on your project or program.

To fill out a Follow Up form, log onto the system and select the follow up from your dashboard by clicking the 'edit' button.


  • Print or download a copy of all forms submitted to the program by clicking on the Application Packet or Follow Up Packet button at the top of your submitted application or follow up.
  • The application only autosaves every 20 minutes, so make sure to save more often if necessary.
  • Because of this save feature, you can easily work on an application over time. It need not be completed in one sitting.
  • The character counter will include spaces as well as characters.
  • The program works best in Chrome 14 or higher, Firefox 9 or higher and Safari 4 and higher. Internet Explorer is fine, but has minor technical difficulties that might interfere with your work.
  • If you are applying or reporting as an organization, there might be parts of the form that need to be completed by different members of your staff (i.e your financial reports). The system only allows one user to 'own' an application at a time, so we recommend that you share one username and password within your organization to let anyone have access to the application without changing ownership status. However, if you would prefer the person to have a separate account, please contact us. Know that this will mean that if you want control over the application returned to you, you will need to contact us again.
  • Uploading files:
    • Most uploads must be a .doc, .docx, .xls, .xlsx, .PDF or .jpeg. Sometimes, you will be able to upload other formats, however, these are the preferred file types.
    • Keep your documents/PDFs around 1 megabyte and your photographs around 4.
    • Only one file can be uploaded per question. If you have multiple documents to upload (i.e. IHS grantees who are submitting receipts for reimbursement), merge these documents into one and then upload.
    • If you need to upload a hard copy of a document, but do not have a scanner, you can fax these files to a specific designated number and the document will be returned to you in electronic form. To learn more about this, click the 'Fax to File' tab in the site header.
  • Once your application is submitted, it will no longer be editable. If you need access to a closed application, contact us at

If you have any questions throughout the process, feel free to contact us!

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