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The Foundation supports non-profit organizations committed to providing quality health care services to the un/underinsured; behavioral health services when not available; improved access to health care through overcoming barriers to health care delivery; health promotion through proactive prevention, education, and outreach; and programs aimed at addressing the social determinants of health.

December 2019 GRANT SPOTLIGHT – Access to Care
The Geography of Uninsurance in Massachusetts: An Update for 2013–2017, reveals that an estimated 2.8 percent of Massachusetts residents were uninsured as of 2017. While this is the lowest state level uninsurance rate in the country, there is still much work to be done. While enrollment in health insurance is important, the issue of access to appropriate health care and the social factors affecting health must also be addressed to ensure that people get the health care they need and deserve. The Foundation remains committed to filling major gaps in care and services in Massachusetts and is proud to award grants that work to intervene in early predictors of poor health outcomes. Learn more about organizations recently receiving grants.

September 2019 GRANT SPOTLIGHT – Food Insecurity
The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) defines food insecurity as the lack of consistent access to enough food for an active, healthy life. The USDA’s 2018 Household Food Insecurity Report, released in September 2019, reports an average food insecurity rate of 9.3% in Massachusetts, up from an average of 8.3% 10 years prior. Research has linked food insecurity to negative health outcomes and health disparities. Poor nutrition can increase the risk of developing health problems, including diabetes and hypertension. This being so, the Foundation is proud to support organizations across the Commonwealth working to reduce food insecurity and improve health outcomes.

Other recent grants include:

Asian Women for Health received $10,000 in May 2019 to support the launch of “MobilizAsians for Health”,  an innovative pilot project to assess the feasibility of using WeChat® as an effective intervention tool to mobilize breast cancer survivors.

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Amherst Survival Center received $15,000 in May 2019 directed toward supplementing a free clinic provided by medical volunteers and staff.

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For more information on prior grants visit our annual report.

Additionally, the Foundation supports medical students and resident physicians who are pursuing international education that focuses on underserved populations by subsidizing up to $2,000 of travel expenses.

Global Surgery in Sierra Leone

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2021-2022 Grants

The Foundation awarded more than $175,000 to 13 Massachusetts non-profits addressing the most vulnerable in our communities, with the majority of the funds awarded supporting food security, behavioral health services, and access to health care for the homeless and under/uninsured populations. Additionally, more than $13,000 was awarded to nine medical students and three resident physicians to offset travel and lodging expenses for study abroad.

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Our Donors

We would like to acknowledge all of those who have donated generously to the Foundation during the past year. Thank you!

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