MMS and Alliance Charitable Foundation: 2023 - 2024 Contributors

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Sincere gratitude is extended to our donors for supporting the Foundation’s education and philanthropic work.

Many thanks to our donors:

Updated: 5/1/2024

1781 Society
Robert H. Ackerman, MD (June 1, 1935 - December 18, 2018)
Francis X. Van Houten, MD, Founding Member (October 31, 1939 - April 30, 2023)

Visionary ($10,000 or more)
Massachusetts Medical Society

Humanitarian ($5,000 to $9,999)

Benefactor ($2,500 to $4,999)
Trust in Kids Fund of Greater Worcester Community Foundation

Leader ($1,000 to $2,499)
Essex South District Medical Society
Jack & Sheila Evjy
Middlesex District Medical Society
Lee S. Perrin, MD

Patron ($500 to $999)
Carole E. Allen, MD, MBA
Hampden District Medical Society
Hampshire District Medical Society
Middlesex Central District Medical Society
Middlesex West District Medical Society
MMS Alliance, in memory of Gerrilu H. Bruun

Friend (up to $499)
Janet C. Abrahamian, MD
Ann Aghababian, in memory of Gerrilu H. Bruun
Robert & Jeanne Antonucci, in memory of Gerrilu H. Bruun
Kathleen Baker
Richard & Susan Baker, in memory of Gerrilu H. Bruun
Lou & Pat Bartoshesky, in memory of Gerrilu H. Bruun
Natasha Bitar
Dr. John and Sophia Bogdasarian, in loving memory of Richard V. Aghababian, MD
Gerrilu & Svend Bruun, in memory of George P. Santos, MD
Chris Bucco and Luis Sturla, in memory of Vincent J. Russo, MD
Diane M. Burke, RN
Megan B. Callahan, MD
Sandra M. Celona
Gladys C. Chan, in honor of Nancy B. Ghareeb
Robert Coit, MD
Peter H. Contompasis, MD
Kathy & John Curley, in memory of Gerrilu H. Bruun
Linda & Barry Davidson, in memory of Vincent J. Russo, MD
Mary Lally Delaney, MD
Dennis M. Dimitri
Ron & Bonnie Dunlap
Elizabeth A. Eldredge, MD
Caitlin Farrell, DO
James A. Feldman, MD
Carolyn M. Fruci, MD
James & Ann Gessner
Nancy B. Ghareeb
Gerald C. Gladstone, MD
David T. Golden, MD
Gail Gordon and Dr. Luis T. Sanchez
Rebecca A Griffith, MD
G. David Hopper, MD, in memory of Paul J. Hannaway, MD
Lawrence M. Kulla, MD
Harriet & Warren Katnrowitz, MD
James FX Kenealy, MD
Vanessa and Jim Kenealy
Cathy & Dr. Michael Lew
Annie S. Liau, MD
Janet Limke, MD
Paula & Mark Madison, in memory of Gerrilu H. Bruun
Anna Manatis, MD
Drs. Barry & Patricia Manuel
Dr. and Mrs. Daniel Massarelli
Dr. and Mrs. Gerald Monchik
Nicole R. Mushero, MD
Ronald Newman, MD
Dr. Sahdev & Carolyn Passey
Katherine L. Phaneuf, MD
Anthony Pikus, MD
Plymouth District Medical Society
Zenie & Joel Popkin, in memory of Gerrilu H. Bruun
Eric & Iris Reines
Dr. & Mrs. Walter J. Rok
Eric J. Ruby, MD
Lorraine M. Schratz, MD
Kenath J. Shamir, MD, in loving memory of Laura B. Fixman, MD
Michael H. Silverman, MD
David & Gail Solomon, in memory of Gerrilu H. Bruun
Elizabeth & Ernest Stathis, in memory of Gerrilu H. Bruun
Brett S. Stecker, DO
Thomas E. Sullivan, MD
Sally Sveda, MD
Jennifer R. Thulin, MD
Carlos G. Tun, MD
Francine & Rohit Vakil, in memory of Gerrilu H. Bruun
Cheryl K. Warner, MD
Susan H. Webb
Giles F. Whalen, MD
Worcester District Medical Society Alliance, in memory of Gerrilu H. Bruun
Maureen & Peter Zacharia

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2023-2024 Grants

The Foundation awarded $183,500 to 16 Massachusetts non-profits addressing the most vulnerable in our communities, with the majority of the funds awarded supporting access to health care, behavioral health services, and food insecurity. Additionally, $12,000 was awarded to six medical students and four resident physicians to offset travel and lodging expenses for study abroad.

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Our Donors

We would like to acknowledge all of those who have donated generously to the Foundation during the past year. Thank you!

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Generous contributions from members and friends of the Foundation are vital to sustaining our programs.

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