Massachusetts Medical Society: MMS Staff Directory

MMS Staff Directory

Welcome to the Massachusetts Medical Society. Below, please find a description of and contact information for the various departments within the organization.

For more assistance, please call 781-893-4610 or -3800 (M-F, 8 AM - 4 PM EST) or email To reach a staff member through the 4-digit extension listed below, please call 781-434[+4-digit extension].

Executive Vice President

Lois Dehls Cornell, Executive Vice President

Executive Office And Governance

The MMS Executive Office and Governance Department oversees the administration and management of the Massachusetts Medical Society and supports the organization’s leadership, including presidential officers and executive vice president. The department also oversees the Medical Society’s governance structure, organizing House of Delegates Annual and Interim Meetings and managing MMS committees, task forces and sections. To learn more about MMS governance, please click here.

Director, Executive Office and Governance

Linda Healy – x7008,

Executive Assistant to the EVP

Sandra Manchester – x7012,


Advocacy, Government, and Community Relations

The Department of Advocacy, Government, and Community Relations advocates on behalf of patients and physicians at the local, state, and federal levels. Department staff assist with the development of MMS policies and respond to legislation and regulations that impact MMS member physicians and affect their ability to provide care to their patients. Department staff, as well as MMS physician advocates, are trusted sources for decision-makers in both Massachusetts and Washington.  In addition, the department engages the MMS in patient-centered community relations programs. The department also conducts health care research and analytics used to formulate the Society’s positions on health care policy and practice issues, to inform member engagement and development efforts, and to direct the Society’s health care research strategies and activities. Learn more about MMS advocacy and key issues  here.

Government Relations and Research Analyst

Sarah Bates – x7221,



The Department of Communications manages the Medical Society’s primary communications to members, as well as to the public. The Department produces the monthly membership magazine, Vital Signs, as well as the weekly e-newsletter, Vital Signs This Week. Communications staff compile the MMS morning news alert, MediaWatch, and produce Physician Focus, a public access television program aimed at educating the public about the health issues that matter to them. MMS Communications also oversees all media relations, social media, and medical library services for members.

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Media Relations Manager

Thomas Flanagan – x7107,

Editor and Communications Manager

Lucy Berrington – x7110,


Health Policy and Public Health

The Department of Health Policy and Public Health oversees efforts in advocacy and education on a range of topics impacting patients in the Commonwealth and across the country, including opioid use and misuse, immunization, infectious disease, tobacco, disaster preparedness, obesity, health disparities, violence intervention and prevention, and medical and recreational marijuana. The department also organizes the Medical Society’s Public Health Leadership Forum, which highlights a different emerging issue impacting public health each year.  To learn more about public health topics and clinical resources, click here.

Public Health Coordinator

Jill Cricones – x7372,


Human Resources

Through strategic partnerships and collaboration with management and employees, the Human Resources Department provides a complement of HR services that attract, support and develop the diverse talent needed to execute on our organizational mission and vision. Visit our  careers site to see available employment opportunities.

Human Resources Associate

Yvonne Stratton – x7236,


Member Engagement and Development


The MMS is the statewide professional association for physicians and medical students in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts; it is the oldest continually operating state medical society in the United States. The Department of Member Engagement and Development oversees processing and benefits of membership for our more than 25,000 members. Learn more about joining the MMS by clicking here.

To call the MMS to begin the membership application process, please dial 800-322-2303, x7311.

To join the MMS online, click here to create an account or apply for membership.

To join the MMS by fax or by mail, click here to download an application.

Member Benefit & Information Coordinator

Chew-Hoong Koh – x7312,

Regional Outreach and AMA Activities

The Department of Regional Outreach and AMA Activities ensures that MMS members have a voice at the local level as well as at national level through its affiliation with the American Medical Association. MMS regional office staff work with area district medical societies to help identify them as resources within their communities, improve relations among the district members, assist district society leadership, and help coordinate MMS activities on the regional and district level. Learn more about MMS districts and regional offices by clicking here.

Michele Jussaume - x7205,

Northeast Regional Office

860 Winter Street 
Waltham, MA  02451 
(800) 944-5562 
Fax:  (781) 464-4823 

Manager, Regional Outreach 
Linda Howard  -

Regional Office Assistant 
Susan Frazier –  

Southeast Regional Office

10 Riverside Drive 
Lakeville, MA 02347 
(800) 322- 3301/ (508) 946-0120 
Fax: (508) 946-0220 

Manager, Regional Outreach 
Sheila Kozlowski -   

Regional Office Assistant 
Patricia Newton -   

West Central Regional Office

85 Post Office Park, Suite 8518 
Wilbraham, MA 01095 
(800) 522-3112 or (413) 596-9231 
Fax: (413) 596-9901 

Manager, Regional Outreach 
Catherine Salas -   

Regional Office Assistant 
Jen Diamond -


MMS Continuing Medical Education, Accreditation & Recognition

The MMS is a national provider of continuing medical education and has been awarded the status of Accreditation with Commendation by the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME).  This department develops, accredits, delivers, and reports on more than 1,400 CME and MOC activities in conjunction with MMS Committees and in joint providerships with other organizations. In addition, the MMS recognizes more than 45 hospitals and other healthcare organizations so that they may accredit their own individual CME activities through our Recognized Accreditor program.

To reach the NEJM Group Education staff, please call x7306 or email

Manager, MMS Education Products
Jessica Vautour - x7903 , 

Accreditation & Recognition

Manager, Joint Providership Program
Liza Martin – x7301,

Manager, Recognized Accreditor Program
Nancy Marotta - x7906,          

Project Manager, Accreditation & Education Compliance
Bob Harless - x7117,


Office of the General Counsel

The Office of the General Counsel provides legal support for all MMS departments, as well as its affiliates and subsidiaries.  While the MMS does not provide legal advice to its members, the department does provide general resources on common legal and regulatory questions; to access those resources, please click here.

Legal Assistant

Brett Bauer – x7242,


Practice Solutions and Medical Economics

The Department of Practice Solutions and Medical Economics provides support services and educational programming for MMS member physicians in practice on topics like physician wellness, physician compensation, and telemedicine. Practice Solutions and Medical Economics staff provide seasoned practical input to government relations on legislative and regulatory proposals and is a trusted voice on economic challenges faced by physicians today. The department works with health plans and other payers and advocates on behalf of physicians with regard to medical policy, reimbursement and other claims payment issues. The department runs the Physician Practice Resource Center, which advises members on how to build a thriving practice, and provides personalized solutions on a variety of issues, such as starting a practice, optimizing contracting, and improving patient experience. You can learn more about the valuable services offered by the department by clicking here.

To contact the Physician Practice Resource Center, call 800-322-2303 ext. 7702 or email

For other inquiries:

Physician Practice Resource Assistant

Cheena Yadav – x7385,


Contact information for the Boston Medical Library – MMS Branch can be found here.

Information about MMS Affiliates and Subsidiaries can be found here.

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Conference Center 

Located in the technology corridor surrounding Boston, Massachusetts, the Conference Center at Waltham Woods is a full-service meeting venue with 17,000 square feet of dedicated meeting rooms combined with wonderful food, superior in-room technology, and unsurpassed service.

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The Society is proud to sponsor a number of prestigious awards to highlight and recognize outstanding contributions to the health and well-being of patients in the Commonwealth, throughout the country, and around the world.

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