Massachusetts Medical Society: Resolution Submittal Guidelines and Template

Resolution Submittal Guidelines and Template


The deadline for resolutions for the 2018 Interim Meeting is Tuesday, October 16.

Important: Resolutions must be submitted in the template, available above, with all required information, and sponsorship must be confirmed by the deadline. Resolutions should not be co-sponsored by a committee; resolutions are written by an individual(s) member(s), district, or specialty society. Resolutions not submitted in template will not be accepted.

Resolution Checklist ✓

In addition to the directional comments included on the resolution template, this checklist helps define the required information needed to process your resolution.

  • Sponsors name(s) and requested credentials
  • Resolution title
  • Relevant MMS strategic priority
  • Applicable relevant MMS policy. If there is existing policy, explain how the resolution is different and will add impact/value. 
  • Explain in a whereas what my desired goal/outcome/deliverable is.
  • Insert footnotes/sources where I believe they are needed. (see section below Inserting Footnotes/Sources)
  • A “best guess” as to whether the resolved statements are Health Policies or Directives. (see section below Writing Your Resolved Statement(s): Health Policies and Directives)

Inserting Footnotes/Sources

FootnotesPlease footnote all fact statements, or indicate those statements that are your opinion.  For opinions, use “In the opinion of the sponsor(s).”  To enter footnote #s, in Word document go to “References” then “Insert Footnote.” Please visit for proper footnote format.

Writing Your Resolved Statement(s): Directives and Health Policies

Indicate as clearly as possible in your resolved statement the action you would like the MMS to take.  Some examples include the following:

That the MMS:
    - advocate for…
    - file legislation to…
    - conduct a live educational program or a webinar on…
    - create and distribute educational materials regarding…*
    - develop guidelines [or] principles…*
    - research [topic]*
    - explore the feasibility of…*

* Consider the appropriate audience once MMS has completed the requested work.
    - MMS members
    - non-members/public
    - reported back internally to the HOD

* Consider the appropriate channel for distribution once MMS has completed the requested work.
    - existing MMS web/print channels  (MMS website, Vital Signs, Vital Signs This Week)
    - Printed and mailed materials

Example: That the MMS supports the state-wide implementation of accessible jail diversion programs for individuals with substance use disorders. 

Health Policies:

Write health policies as a “position statement(s).”

That the MMS:
    - encourages
    - believes
    - supports

Example: That the Massachusetts Medical Society (MMS) strongly supports the use of safety belts and child safety seats in motor vehicles. 

Samples, Tips, and Internal Staff Review Process

To view a sample of a prior resolution, read additional tips on writing your resolution and to learn about the internal staff review process, please click here.

Resolution Template

Resolutions must be submitted via e-mail to:

Please contact Annemarie Tucker at or 781-434-7332 if you have questions about submitting a resolution.  

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