Massachusetts Medical Society: Patient Safety Resources For Patients and Physicians

Patient Safety Resources For Patients and Physicians

General Information

National Patient Safety Foundation (NPSF)

Drowning Prevention and Water Safety (.pdf)

Health Care Quality and Safety

5 Steps to Safer Health Care (.pdf) AHRQ

20 Tips to Help Prevent Medical Errors (.pdf) - AHRQ

Keeping Secrets From Your Doctor and Pharmacist Can Harm Your Health - CHIC

Medication Safety

Be an Informed Consumer - ISMP

Your Medical Information File
Bring this handy resource for keeping track of your medications to all your medical visits.

Taking Control of Your Medicines and Your Health - CHIC

Examining Information on the Web

Buying Medicines and Medical Products Online - FDA

Surgical Safety

Having Surgery? What You Need to Know - AHRQ

Cancer Treatment Safety

How You Can Help Ensure Your Safety When Receiving Cancer Treatments - ISMP

General Information on Taking Medications

Consumers Can Prevent Medication Errors - ISMP

Preventing Medicine Mishaps - CHIC

Información en español

Cinco Recomendaciones para Recibir una Mejor Atención Médica - AHRQ

Lo Que Debe Preguntar Antes de Una Cirugia - AHRQ


AHRQ - Agency for Healthcare Quality and Research
CHIC - Consumer Health Information Corporation
CPMU - Center for Proper Medication Use
FDA - Food and Drug Administration
ISMP - Institute for Safe Medication Practices
JCAHO - Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations
NCPIE - National Council on Patient Information and Education
NPSF - National Patient Safety Foundation

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