Massachusetts Medical Society: Health Care Proxies and End of Life Care

Health Care Proxies and End of Life Care

Health Care Proxies

Health care proxies are legal documents, recognized in all 50 states, through which an agent or surrogate acts on behalf of the incapacitated patient to make treatment decisions.

The Massachusetts Medical Society has partnered with Honoring Choices Massachusetts to provide clinicians and patients with up to date care planning information, documents and discussion guides. Every adult, 18 years and older, has the right to direct their health care decisions and make a personal care plan. 

Here are free and downloadable tools for early and effective clinician-patient discussions:

The Getting Started Tool Kit: Make a plan. It's as easy as 1-2-3!

1. Appoint a Health Care Agent in a Health Care Proxy;

2. Tell your family and Agent what you want for care in a Personal Directive (Living Will)

3. Talk with your clinicians to align care to your goals, values and choices.

Health Care Proxy Form (English)

Health Care Proxy translated in 9 languages

  1. Español – Spanish
  2. Português – Portuguese
  3. ng Vit – Vietnamese
  4. Kreyòl Ayisyen – Haitian Creole
  5. Русский – Russian
  6. 繁體中文 – Traditional Chinese
  7. عربي – Arabic
  8. ភាសាខ្មែរ – Khmer
  9. Shqip - Albanian

Personal Directive (Living Will)

For more information and tools, visit

Further Options - Health Care Proxy Information and Forms

Other information and resources for individuals, organizations and professionals:

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