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Physician Focus Physician Focus  is a monthly media and public information campaign that provides health information on a wide variety of subjects for patients of all ages throughout the Commonwealth. Print articles, bylined by member physicians, are distributed to daily, weekly, and monthly publications in the state.

Produced in partnership with Hopkinton Community Access and Media  (HCAM-TV), the Physician Focus  television program reaches some 275 communities and nearly two million households in Massachusetts each month through public access stations. Adding national public access broadcasts, the program's total reach is approximately 2.5 million households.  

Featured Episode: Serious Illness: How to Get the Care You Want

Many of us, before we become seriously ill or old ourselves, have the experience of caring for a parent, or someone else, during old age or advanced illness — sometimes through the end of their life. And at some point, we will be the person being cared for. What can you and your loved ones can do to make sure that their, and your, wishes and goals are honored? How can we ensure that the experience of serious illness is the most comfortable and meaningful it can be? The key to serious illness care is talking ahead of time — about how we want to live, how we want to be cared for, and what’s most important to us. There are some great tools and resources that make this conversation easier. In this episode of Physician Focus, we talk with two physicians who each have many decades of experience helping patients and their families navigate serious illness.

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