Global Health Studies Program

Applications due February 1.

We have updated our application process, please read carefully!

Program Summary

At the May 2001 Annual Meeting, the Massachusetts Medical Society House of Delegates adopted Report: 411, A-01(D), which established an annual grant program to be administered by the Massachusetts Medical Society Alliance and Charitable Foundation (Foundation), with input from the Committees on Global Health and Medical Education.

Because of this measure, medical students, and resident physician members of the Massachusetts Medical Society (MMS) are eligible to apply each year for grants of up to $2,000 to defray the costs of global health field-based experiences. 

Funding Priorities

Our primary goal is to encourage the development of medical students and residents into culturally competent physicians who are sensitive to the needs of underserved populations, while facilitating the exchange of ideas and practices and providing exposure to under resourced healthcare systems. Therefore, preference will be given to projects or programs sharing or implementing interventions to improve health care delivery in under resourced settings and/or training of staff; and to applicants planning careers serving historically marginalized and underserved populations around the world. Research projects that DO NOT involve interventions to improve healthcare delivery or teaching WILL NOT be considered. Projects or programs must last at least three weeks to be considered.

Review Process

A review committee comprised of members of the Foundation Board of Directors and representatives from the MMS Committees on Global Health and Medical Education will review and evaluate all applications. Evaluation of each application allows for consideration of applicant’s level of training as well as applicant's future career plans. We welcome applicants from the four medical schools in Massachusetts and associated residency training programs. The review committee will submit recommendations to the Foundation Board of Directors for grant consideration and final approval.

Distribution of Funds

Funds will be distributed to the selected grantees after completion of their project/program and submission of two follow up reports. The first, focuses on the grantee's experience and is meant to reflect on “Lessons Learned” through narrative and photographs. A letter from the supervising faculty attesting to the grantee’s completion of the program will also be needed to complete this follow up. The second follow up pertains directly to reimbursement of costs. Receipts for travel, lodging, meals, and other costs for which grantees are seeking reimbursement, must be submitted in this report as well as a total amount requested.

Grantees must access, complete and submit these follow ups through our online grant portal. Additionally, all selected grant recipients will be invited to showcase the lessons they learned at a Medical Society sponsored event.


If you are interested in receiving this grant, the Foundation Board of Directors considers applications once a year. Applications must be submitted via the online grant portal. Applications received after the deadline or for projects/programs already completed will not be considered.

Please note that applicants are required to submit a letter on institutional letterhead from the supervising faculty at the applicant’s school or residency training program attesting that the applicant is in good standing, and that the project or elective is already approved and supervised. The applicant is responsible for uploading the letter to the online grant portal as part of the application. A funding decision will generally be made within 45 days of deadline.

You may start your application on the online grant portal at any time and save it to complete later. Once your application is finalized, you must remember to submit the application, or it will not be considered. You will receive an automatic email response indicating that your application was submitted successfully. If you do not receive this email, your application has NOT been submitted and you should contact us at

For more information on the Foundation and its activities, visit or contact Jennifer Day, director, at (781) 434-7044, or via email at

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