Holyoke Society

The Holyoke Society is comprised of individuals who enroll as Life Members of the Massachusetts Medical Society. These distinguished physicians automatically become honorific members of the Foundation’s Holyoke Society and a portion of their dues is contributed to the Foundation’s endowment.


Richard S. Pieters, MD
Edith M. Jolin, MD, MPH
Alain A. Chaoui, MD


Jesse M. Ehrenfeld, MD, MPH
Chike O. Nwankwo, MD
Ronald G. Bardawil, MD
Thomas A. LaMattina, MD


Desiree A. Carlson, MD
David J. Zaleske, MD
Philip A. Wolf, MD
Alice A. Coombs, MD
Mark M. Sherman, MD


George Abraham, MD, MPH
Elsa J. Aguilera, MD
Maryanne C. Bombaugh, MD, MS
Stanley Glasser, MD
Allan H. Goroll, MD
Geoffrey M. Graeber, MD
Bernhard Heersink, MD
Joseph M. Heyman, MD
Ann Loudermilk, MD
TK Raman, MD
Grant V. Rodkey, MD
Arthur C. Waltman, MD
Lynda M. Young, MD


Sten B. Lofgren, MD
Barry M. Manuel, MD
Mark A. Rockoff, MD
Joanna M. Sawicka, MD


Arthur F. Dimattia, MD
Henry L. Dorkin, MD
Jack T. Evjy, MD
Patricia Rose Falcao, MD
Peter B. Kang, MD
Nasir A. Khan, MD
Robert A. Lebow, MD
Basil M. Michaels, MD
Najmosama Nikrui, MD
Janine T. Rodrigues-Saldanha, MD
Frederick D. Wax, MD
Donna M. Younger, MD


Mark H. Abensohn, MD
John W. Blute, MD
Harvey M. Budner, MD
Corey E. Collins, DO
Marian C. Craighill, MD, MPH
Barry S. Fogel, MD
James S. Gessner, MD
Steven V. Golovcsenko, MD
Christopher F. Harris, MD
Mark J. Hauser, MD
P David Jarry, MD
Mangadhara Rao Madineedi, MD
Kevin P. Moriarty, MD
Victor F. Saldanha, MD
Timothy Chaif-choon Tan, MD
William Foo King Yee, MD


Mary Louise C. Ashur, MD
Jessica A. Bennett, MD
Sam Bergman, MD
Stephen K. Chan, MD
Jay L. Glaser, MD
Alan M. Harvey, MD
Janet A. Jokela, MD
Joseph P. Karpicz, Jr., MD
N Thomas LaCava, MD
Mario E. Motta, MD
Leighton J. Read, MD
Ricardo L. Sanchez, MD
Alan M. Sooho, MD
Sarah F. Taylor, MD
Letitia G. Upton, MD
Julian Zelingher, MD


Linda A. Bishop, MD
J. Lawrence Dohan, MD
Christopher P. Duggan, MD
James A. Feldman, MD
Maureen A. Malin, MD
Elizabeth T. Martin
Michael L. McManus, MD
Judith A. Merion, MD
Gabriel Wishik-Miller, MD
Lee S. Perrin, MD
Jonathan M. Russo, MD
James S. Yeh, MD


Ramon Blanco, MD
Darrell P. Doucette, MD
Ronald W. Dunlap, MD
Anne-Sophie J. Gadenne, MD
Karen M. Huhn, MD
Arul Mahadevan, MD
Mark A. Mahoney, MD
Maurizio Z. Albala, MD
Thomas Miles Murphy, MD
Larry D. Robbins, DO
Shakti S. Sabharwal, MD
Silvia Z. Test, MD
Enrique Testa, MD


Edward V. Cyburt, MD
Dennis M. Dimitri, MD
Beth Fisher, MD
Stephen S. Kasparian, MD
Jean L. Leimert, MD
John G. Palfrey, MD
Walter J. Rok, MD
Mark S. Shulman, MD
James Arthur Street, MD
Philip M. Wade, MD


Katherine J. Atkinson, MD
Andrea M. Bodine, MD
David T. Golden, MD
James F. Maguire, MD
Steven J. Mendes, MD
Jason E. Reynolds, MD
Michael T. Rosenbaum, MD
Michele Ann Spirko, MD
Nora Schwartz-Martin, MD


John A. Conway, MD
Krishnaswamy Gajaraj, MD
Terry Ann Glauser, MD
David A. Rosman, MD
Samantha L. Rosman, MD
Grayson Armstrong, MD
Phillip Gendelman, MD
Katherine Murray Leisure, MD
David Seligson, MD
Diana Wasserman, MD

Updated: October 27, 2022

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