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Maryanne C. Bombaugh, Falmouth 2019-2020

Alain A. Chaoui, Boxford 2018-2019

Henry L. Dorkin, Newton 2017-2018 - Watch Interview Here

James S. Gessner, Chestnut Hill 2016-2017 - Watch Interview Here

Dennis M. Dimitri, Worcester 2015-2016

Richard S. Pieters, Duxbury 2014-2015

Ronald W. Dunlap, Norwell 2013-2014 - Watch Interview Here 

Richard V. Aghababian, Southborough 2012-2013

Lynda M. Young, Worcester 2011-2012 - Watch Interview Here

Alice A. Tolbert Coombs, Sharon 2010-2011 - Watch Interview Here 

Mario E. Motta, Salem 2009-2010                      

Bruce S. Auerbach, Lexington 2008-2009

B. Dale Magee, Shrewsbury 2007-2008 - Watch Interview Here 

Kenneth R. Peelle, North Andover 2006-2007

Alan M. Harvey, Brookline 2005-2006

Alan C. Woodward, Concord 2004-2005 - Watch Interview Here

Thomas E. Sullivan, Beverly 2003-2004 - Watch Interview Here

Charles A. Welch, Cambridge 2002-2003

Francis X. Rockett, Newton 2001-2002 - Watch Interview Here

Virginia T. Latham, Harvard 2000-2001 - Watch Interview Here

Jack T. Evjy, Methuen 1999-2000 - Watch Interview Here

Marylou Buyse, Dover 1998-1999 - Watch Interview Here 

Allan H. Goroll, Weston 1997-1998

Joseph M. Heyman, Newburyport 1996-1997 - Watch Interview Here

Guenter L. Spanknebel, Sterling 1995-1996

Francis X. Van Houten, Concord 1994-1995 - Watch Interview Here

Leonard J. Morse, Worcester 1993-1994 - Watch Interview Here

William E. Callahan, Greenfield 1992-1993

Philip E. McCarthy, Norwood 1991-1992

Barry M. Manuel, Belmont 1990-1991 - Watch Interview Here 

William G. Lavelle, Wellesley 1989-1990

Joseph J. O'Connor, Winchester 1988-1989

James J. Siragusa, West Springfield 1987-1988

Barbara A. P. Rockett, Newton 1985-1987 - Watch Interview Here

Frederick J. Duncan, Centreville 1984-1985

Goodwill M. Stewart, Duxbury 1983-1984

Percy W. Wadman, Greenfield 1982-1983

Stanley M. Wyman, Cambridge 1981-1982

Frank E. Bixby Jr., Wenham 1980-1981

Grant V. Rodkey, Belmont 1979-1980 - Watch Interview Here

Russell J. Rowell, Beverly 1978-1979

John J. Byrne, Boston 1977-1978

C. Nason Burden, Taunton 1976-1977

Louis F. Alfano, Melrose 1975-1976

John C. Ayres, Springfield 1974-1975

Bentley P. Colcock, Chatham 1973-1974

James F. McDonough, Winchester 1972-1973

H. Thomas Ballantine Jr., Boston 1971-1972

Lamar Soutter, Concord 1970-1971

Jacob H. Fine, Beverly 1969-1970

John W. Norcross, Wellesley Hills 1968-1969

Donald A. Nickerson, Melrose 1967-1968

William Warren Babson, Gloucester 1966-1967

Claude E. Welch, Boston 1965-1966

James Marvin Baty, Duxbury 1964-1965

Allan S. Johnson, Longmeadow 1963-1964

Urban H. Eversole, Wellesley Hills 1962-1963

David W. Wallwork, North Andover 1961-1962

Carl Bearse, Boston 1960-1961

Lawrence R. Dame, Greenfield 1959-1960

Charles C. Lund, Brookline 1958-1959

Patrick J. Sullivan, Dalton 1957-1958

Howard F. Root, Brookline 1956-1957

Conrad Wesselhoeft, Boston 1955-1956

Curtis C. Tripp, New Bedford 1954-1955

Frederic Hagler, Springfield 1953-1954

Thomas H. Lanman, Chestnut Hill 1952-1953

W. Richard Ohler, Boston 1951-1952

Leland Sterling McKittrick, Boston 1950-1951

Arthur Wilburn Allen, Boston 1949-1950

David Bartholomew Reardon, Quincy 1948-1949

Edward Parsons Bagg, Holyoke 1947-1948

Dwight O'Hara, Waltham 1946-1947

Reginald Fitz, Boston 1945-1946

Elmer Stanley Bagnall, Groveland 1944-1945

Roger Irving Lee, Boston 1943-1944

George Leonard Schadt, Springfield 1942-1943

Frank Roberts Ober, Boston 1941-1942

Walter Gray Phippen, Salem 1939-1941

Channing Frothingham, Boston 1937-1939

Charles Edward Mongan, Somerville 1935-1937

William Henry Robey, Boston 1933-1935

Halbert G. Stetson, Greenfield 1931-1933

Robert Greenough, Boston 1929-1931

John H. Birnie, Springfield 1927-1929

James S. Stone, Framingham 1925-1927

Enos H. Bigelow, Framingham 1924-1925

John Washburn Bartol, Boston 1921-1923

Alfred Worcester, Waltham 1919-1921

Samuel Bayard Woodward, Worcester 1916-1919

Charles Francis Withington, Boston 1914-1916

Walter Prentice Bowers, Clinton 1912-1914

George Brune Shattuck, Boston 1910-1912

Silas Dean Presbrey, Taunton 1908-1910

George Washington Gay, Chestnut Hill 1906-1908

Arthur Tracy Cabot, Boston 1904-1906

George Ebenezer Francis, Worcester 1902-1904

Frank Winthrop Draper, Boston 1900-1902

Edwin Bayard Harvey, Westborough 1898-1900

Henry Pickering Walcott, Cambridge 1896-1898

Franklin Kittredge Paddock, Pittsfield 1894-1896

James Clarke White, Boston 1892-1894

Amos Howe Johnson, 1890-1892

David Williams Cheever, Boston 1888-1890

Thomas Hovey Gage, Worcester 1886-1888

Charles Dudley Homans, Boston 1884-1886

Alfred Hosmer, Watertown1882-1884

Henry Willard Williams, Boston 1880-1882

George Hinckley Lyman, Boston 1878-1880

William Cogswell, Bradford 1876-1878

Benjamin Eddy Cotting, Roxbury 1874-1876

George Cheyne Shattuck, Boston 1872-1874

Samuel Augustus Fisk, Northampton 1870-1872

Charles Gideon Putnam, Boston 1868-1870

Henry Coit Perkins, Newburyport 1866-1868

Augustus Addison Gould, Boston 1864-1866

Josiah Bartlett, Concord 1862-1864

John Homans, Boston 1859-1862

Luther Vose Bell, Somerville 1857-1859

Elisha Huntington, Lowell 1855-1857

George Hayward, Boston 1852-1855

John Ware, Boston 1848-1852

Zadok Howe, Billerica 1847-1848

Jacob Bigelow, Boston 1842-1847

Rufus Wyman, Roxbury 1840-1842

George Cheyne Shattuck, Boston 1836-1840

John Collins Warren, Boston 1832-1836

James Jackson, Boston 1825-1832

John Brooks, Medford 1823-1825

Joshua Fisher, Beverly 1815-1823

John Warren, Boston 1804-1815

Isaac Rand, Boston 1798-1804

Samuel Danforth, Boston 1795-1798

Cotton Tufts, Weymouth 1787-1795

Edward Augustus Holyoke, Salem 1786-1787

William Kneeland, Cambridge 1784-1786

Edward Augustus Holyoke, Salem 1782-1784

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